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1. Are you facing a crossroad in life and unsure of what direction to take?

2. Are you ready to shift thought patterns and upgrade your belief system?

3. Are you feeling called to understand your spiritual gifts on a deeper level?


Here's what you can expect to walk away with your free gift ...

* A promise that IF you incorporate these three skills, over time, you'll find a way out of your mental maze and those feelings of defeat.

* The 'light' will be brighter and your darkness of pain will finally fade away. 

* A pathway for creating a life of confidence and serenity

* That you will know there's an easy way to gain more motivation and continue becoming your best self!  These are the same steps Jody K and Liz A have used to become sane in an insane world, and now they're yours for free! 

* The #1 trap that keeps women from ever reaching their deepest desire to be seen and heard, and how to avoid it for good! Failure to dodge this mistake keeps women more stressed, overwhelmed, repressed, and frustrated before they can feel spiritually recharged and valued without judgment. Here's how to make sure this never happens to you. 

* How to achieve a lifestyle of freedom and peace without beating your head against a wall. You don't have to force yourself to live with your emotional mask on, or sacrifice being your best self for the sake of sanity around others. Break FREE from outdated beliefs and Enjoy free time to be you! 

This FREE Gift Is for YOU If ...

* You want personal growth without needing to put more time, energy, and effort into it.

* You want to make your life to be more meaningful and predictable, and consistent ... with your time and situation

* You want to create a stronger connection with your spouse, partner, or children without talking or explaining WHY you hold this deep desire.

* You are ready to step up and play a bigger game

* You want to feel differently in five years than you do today! 

* And you are coachable and eager to learn


Thank you for having the courage to watch our 2-minute video & download the

 3 Powerful Healing Skills. Great job!

Jody & Liz understand emotional pain. Jody grew up with a narcissistic mother with bi-polar tendencies.
She was not an easy person to be around and it was easy to feel devalued during a lifetime of interaction.
Liz grew up with different mental illness issues and we both know
Mental illness SUCKS!
Family trauma HURTS!
Emotional Relationships, the negative ones are PAINFUL!
We get the frustration! We get the self blame! And, we get how painful resentment feels!
And we’re so sorry you are going through difficult times.
Thank you for having the courage to download the 3 powerful healing skills. Great job!
We promise you, there is a way out of this mental maze and feelings of defeat.
When you get to this crossroad in life, there’s no need to solve everything alone. You have a choice to stay on your current path or not.
Because you’re choosing to explore other options, we’re excited to show you the beautiful space on the flip side, we call healing. Jody K & Liz Adkinson have created a signature methodology specifically for YOU.
We know when you take advantage of these three powerful skills,
it’s like a light gets turned on and the darkness of pain finally fades away