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BEcoming a Mother of Light Training Course

Unit 1 & 2

Here's what you'll learn through empowered tools;

Decoding the language of basic energy work ~

Reconnecting to WHO you really are through spiritual clarification ~

Access, Acknowledge, & Allow ~

Course Goals:  

Affirming and Exploring Positive self-talk; clear understanding of discernment and neutrality

Understanding the roles people play in our lives

Understanding life lessons from a spiritual perspective; our stories, emotional baggage, and our unique energy signatures

Apply the Philosophy of Oneness in real life situations; exhibit clear understanding of acceptance

Demonstrate a basic understanding of the tapestry of life and the body as a vessel

Basic understanding of non-victimhood, no right/wrong, choices/consequences, and co-creation.

Gaining clarity for spiritual language 

Required Texts, Materials, or Equipment to be purchased by student: 


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 

The Anatomy of Peace by Arbinger Principles

Material available upon course registration: 

Journal for notes

Positation Journal

Any other material used for the purpose of course work



Unit One

Spirit Awareness - Unlock for a Renewed Perspective!  

          1. Embracing what is ~ Understanding Unity

          2. Access your energetic Human Design DNA - WHO am I? Who I'm NOT?

          3. Acknowledgment through discernment by understanding the roles people play in your life - relationships 

          4. Analyze and embrace YOUR divine qualities; the why’s & lesson's taught, and what emotions they ignite within you? emotional triggers and traumas


Unit Two

100% ~ 0% Theory

           1. Discover life as a spiritual being; having an earthly experience          

           2. Eliminate confusion by understanding the concept that bodies are the vehicles that houses our duality within - awakening the purposes & flucutations of life cycles

          3. Remove anger by beginning sustainable healing practices - releasing, restructuring, & realinging our authentic self. Core foundational practices  

          4. Align the power of discernment, judgment, & hidden motivations

          5. Experience energetic healing support



“I look foward to learn how to understand the spiritual concepts and side of this life. We were all born with a spirit and in my understanding through these past couple years of learning alongside Jody, our spirits tend to get sick or overcrowded. If Being able to heal and  clear the clutter for my spiritual side has added peace and refocused my life. My children have also been impacted from this the most. Children tend to get overcrowded and off in so many different ways and from all the different activities they have going on. For me, I notice when my children need checked on and cleared when they are not acting like themselves and are constantly irritated or cranky or sassy.  I check and I clear them! Thankfully I have these tools after taking Jody’s sessions and this course to learn for myself how to help my children. The biggest testimony builder for me about this whole process is my daughter, who was four at the time, woke up from a deep sleep crying and covering her ears just asking for everyone to be quiet because they were too loud. There was no one around physically as it was 11pm at night. I could feel that there were spirits around and I tried to ask them to leave myself but I needed extra help and Jody was able to offer that. We ended up asking for an even stronger presence to come protect her from all the noises and no sooner did we ask, my daughter was able to relax and fall back to sleep. I have always known and believed in other spirits walking this earth and this was just a great way to increase that belief and my desire to learn more about what Jody has to teach.” ~ B. M.

" Liz, you have given me self worth and the courage to be whatever I want to be.  I need you to know how much I love you and how much I look up to you.  I know that you are going to do amazing things and change so many lives with your gifts.  I love you so much and can’t wait until our paths cross again.  Thanks for loving me for who I am and showing me that I can do it.  Whatever IT might be.”



Jody K Hill &

Liz Adkinson

Hi my name is Jody Hill, I’m a personal and family healing guide, mentor, and A Core Belief Restructuring Practitioner.
My name is Liz Adkinson Schwinck and I am a teacher, healer, guide, and a core belief and human design specialist.

Together we bring peace, confidence, and emotional balance so it can be felt for generations.  

We assist in uncovering, releasing, and forgiving any limiting story that keeps you from recognizing and living your authentic self.  

We are passionate about igniting within you the knowledge of how to implement emotional discernment for the purpose of healing pain and trauma.  

No need to hide your unique light under a bushel.  

The world needs you!  

The world needs your unique light.

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I had questions:

* I would like to discover a way out of the conflict, and chaos of this world?

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…. I feel so alone and overwhelmed!

This training program opened  up a whole new world .... I found these accelerated learning tools the perfect fit. Each week offered me little steps that generated huge opportunities for me to ADAPT to feeling happier, more in control, and feeling more valued, confident, and at peace.

My questions were: 

*I wished I had enough spiritual endurance to get through the toughest of times? 

I know it’s not about a quick fix, and it's about the long haul to strengthen my endurance!

Would you like to learn how easily, effortlessly, and effectively ways to strengthen your endurance?

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Kristen Holland

Brittney Bartleson

  • I wonder if you’ve been to the top of a mountain and took in the 360 view of the cities below? What happens when you’re there?
  • Can you imagine how it would feel to untangle all the jumbled up feelings that get in our way?
  • So much understanding has happened and I'm so grateful!

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