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Meet Liz Adkinson Schwinck

I have been a Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) and Access Bars Practitioner since 2011 as well as a Human Design Specialist since 2017.  I am passionate about guiding others as they navigate and heal from past wounds while also assisting in the recognition of who they truly are.  What else is possible for you and your life?  I am committed to empowering others by helping them recognize their authenticity, creativity, value, and innate worth.  I’m committed to teaching, healing, expressing creativity, and being a fierce force of love in the world.


About Liz

My Story:

When I started my healing journey at 19 years old, I was incredibly closed down emotionally, withdrawn--every pain kept tightly within.  There were a few factors, one of which was familial trauma.  I met a talented CBR practitioner and healer who became my teacher and mentor who changed my life.  After consistent practice and healing, my heart, my voice, my gifts began to open up and unfold.  

Along the way, I have been supported by many healers and teachers that have assisted along the way, including the work of Access Consciousness.  I engaged in Core Belief Restructuring as a client for about 10 years and then I became a practitioner myself.  I am beyond grateful.

I was introduced to Human Design in October of 2015 by an astrologer who pulled my astrological charts from around the world.  Each of the charts helped me see different aspects of myself.  When I came upon my Human Design chart my heart was struck with truth!  For the first time in my life I felt FULLY and truly seen.  It felt like I was given a long awaited beautiful gift.  I have a deep and profound gratitude for this modality and I have a desire to share my knowledge with others.

I feel very honored and called to share this journey and gifts with you.  After more than 20 years of experience, I am delighted that the passion for this work keeps building to greater and more expansive heights.  I am open, light,  and free to be who I truly am and this is what I yearn for YOU!

Emma Jackson:  I’m trying to find the words to tell you what an important part of my life that you have been.  Being given the chance to get to know you has been life changing.  You have given me self worth and the courage to be whatever I want to be.  I need you to know how much I love you and how much I look up to you.  I know that you are going to do amazing things and change so many lives with your gifts.  I love you so much and can’t wait until our paths cross again.  Thanks for loving me for who I am and showing me that I can do it.  Whatever IT might be.”

Emma Jackson

Working with Liz has been an amazing experience of self discovery and self awareness for me and my children.  By removing negative blocks and negative emotions it has allowed us to see ourselves for who we truly are, Divine!”

Becky Webster



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Michelle Poelstra:  Your message filled my heart with love and the balm came easily. 

Julie Hutslar:  I can really feel the authenticity, the love, the attention, the compassion, and the release.  It feels very thorough and I am excited about how visual you are and how well you interpret.  It is truly excellent.

 ... Thank you so much for all your wonderful work.  And now do you know how proud I am???  And how much I love you??  Even if you didn’t DO ANYTHING, or weren’t in this program or anything, I would still love you.  This program just gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and love each other MORE! ...  Thank you for the extra follow up work with me.  That felt very accurate.  Thank you so much for the heart help.  It was just what I needed ... That was some phenomenal work, my friend!! Excellent, focused, creative, and flexible.  Very wonderful.  It was truly some beautiful work.  Thank you for making the commitment to this journey and for not shying away from your part in the world, AND for sharing it with us. ...Thank you for being so supportive, for driving down here, coming to my workshop—for believing in me! 

Ann Goddard:  Liz, you are constant shining star!  Ever moving forward, seeing, learning, braving whatever storms show up, teaching and learning, embracing and sharing your healing art in all the beautiful forms that continue to unfold...How I love you!  Thanks for the joy this session brought me.  What an incredible journey this is turning out to be.

Bonnie Wehle:    Quietly she listens

                                To shy to speak

                                But bursting with love and soul wisdom.


                                Her powers ignited, 

                                Her toolbox is full, 

                                The spirit cannot be contained.


                                Words start to flow,

                                Voice finds volume

                                The heart speaks and she speaks from the heart.