June 10th - 15th ~

Cat Island Retreat Pigeon Cay Resort

 Retreat Now Closed


Cat Island, Bahamas

This is an exclusive retreat event.

There are ONLY 4-6 spaces available

Once this retreat is filled

 you'll be notified when another retreat is scheduled.  

Please note; Retreat in this case is not a party, 

it's a space to 'retreat' within 

to spiritually refuel, recharge, and reconnect.

This is your space to 'just~be' without 

judgement, expectations or obligations!

Registration: $775 + flight

Reserve your spot with $500 deposit by

April 2nd, 2022 - by 5:00pm

We look forward to being with you! 


Please understand YOU are responsible for any travel arrangements to and from the event.

Click here for COVID Requirements 

Jody plans to fly from Salt Lake to Nassau, then take a short flight to Cat Island.

Jody can assist with your flight plans! 

Also, please plan arrival time to the island

no later than 3:00pm so we can start on time at 4:00pm. 

And return flight time from the island no earlier than 12:30pm. 

3/3/22 flight information getting to Cat Island from Nassau:

Departing Nassau at 1:00pm and arriving in Cat Island at 1:30

Departing Cat Island at 1:50pm and arriving back to Nassau at 2:20pm

 * Flights TO Nassau usually leave close to midnight, so you may need to book your flight for June 9th to BE in Nassau in time for the 1:00pm flight to Cat Island, June 10th

For example - ONE way flight options getting to Cat Island 

*American Airlines departs June 9th at 11:59PM, arriving in Nassau 12:04pm - as of 3/3/22 flight cost is $389.00

*Delta Airlines departs June 10th at 12:59AM, arriving in Nassau at 12:03pm - as of 3/3/22 flight cost is $401.00


What You’ll Get During This Event

The objectives covered at this 3 day retreat, you receive ALL this and more

..please view sample itinerary for complete details

* 3 days to bring on the healing, love, expansion, and spiritual restoration!!!

* Relax time for total emotional decompressing (please view sample itinerary above for complete details,) then add in spiritual refueling, recharging, and reconnecting, energetically, mentally and emotionally with live group coaching sessions with Q & A time; learning the power of releasing limiting beliefs by focusing on restoring your soul. Value: $1997

* 3 days of finding Mental Health Triggers. Impactful energetic work (please view sample itinerary above for complete details,) learning effective tools on how to give your ego a promotion. That may sound counter-intuitive but it's a powerful way to rewrite your operating system. Coming to this retreat ready to sort through all the obligations you face, then leaving more emotionally organized to face life challenges. We liken this techinque unto an energetic elimination diet; you set everything out then reorgainze what remains necessary; recharging your physical batteries, giving you strength to tap into your Soul energy more often. Value $1597

* 3 days of reconnecting through breath work & learning sustainable grounding techniques that you can use on a daily basis. Find your emotional signatures and emotional imprints that drive you towards emotional patterns. Value: $597

* 3 days of boosting mental health to refuel your light source for handling life's daily chaotic moments efficiently and reconnecting you to gain back your spiritual stamina. Value $395

* Bonus re-entry meet-up 

* Lifetime access to our private Restored-Soul Facebook group that includes discussions, lessons, and recorded live videos to support life after the retreat. Value: Priceless

Total Value over $3,500 

YOU pay only $775  + flight 

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