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Individual Session: 

Consists of one hour of solid energetic work, which serves YOUR highest good.


#1 Guidance through an energy trail, locating a specific intention, and
clearing what blocks you from getting there. 
#2 Releasing and removing Karmic (generational) patterns. 
#3 Divine Blueprint;  another name would be a Soul Blueprint. With this
session you shift and release outdated eternal agreements.

All include but not limited to …

(a) Identifying negative emotional blocks then guiding you in releasing them.

(b) Identify restrictive deep seeded images that keep you stuck

(c) Guided meditations 

Cost per Individual session is $175.00

Personal Guidance:

* Some people choose the Personal guidance option: Three sessions, every two weeks, for those who are serious about personal transformation. Three sessions; discounted @ $450 Payment in full is expected by first session

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