Can You Feel the Possibilities of Connecting with YOUR Higher Power? 

That's right! Now is the time to examine what you're giving your energy and attention to in the back of your mind 

~Colette Baron-Reid, Wisdom of the Oracle

Core Belief Restructuring (CBR) is a healing modality aimed at releasing restrictive beliefs held at a non-conscious level that limit one's highest potential.  

CBR addresses:

*  Faith Transitioning 

* Family & Financial issues

* Abuse, Intimidation & Grieving

* Lack of Personal Power

* Loss of Expression & Creativity

* Inability to Access & Trust Intuition

* Issues with Authority & Connection


* Basic Emotional Checkup & Balance

* Personalized, written report giving a deeper understanding on energetic blocks

* Not only is this a healing option for you, it may benefit your entire family

This option is a complete Energetic physical - much like a physical you obtain on a yearly basis. 

When you feel physically, emotionally, or mentally out of balance, it's most likely due to an energetic imbalance. 

"Jody has been a blessing to our family. Often when the intuition moves me, I ask her to check on my family. She has helped my kids and myself numerous times with her gifts. I usually by the package of 6 healing matrix reports because it's so worth it! It's such a hug discount! Also my family is large and  want to make sure I can pass along the benefits of Jody's gifts." ~ B.A.

step 2

In Depth Sessions

Schedule through:

* One hour of solid energetic work; serving YOUR highest good

* Sessions my include guidance through an energy trail, releasing Karmic (generational) patterns, or a Divine Blueprint

* Identifying negative emotional blocks, then guiding you in releasing them

This option gives us a chance to look into energy trails, or karmic blocks ~ to understand this better, think of blood flow, blood flow is life. 

What happens when a person gets a blood clot? It's painful, or it could lead to death, right?

 An energy trail is to find those 'blockages, aka clots' that keep your energy from flowing, refraining from spiritual death.  

A karmic block is much like a bruise - where's the blood pooling that is causing pain. Relates to painful patterns, releasing outdated beliefs that keep you stuck. This session focus' on stopping the bleeding from within. These session are not random, they are chosen to find what serves your highest good.

step 3


Have you ever felt overwhelmed in life? 

The objectives covered at this 4 day retreat, you receive ALL this and more...please view sample itinerary for complete details

* 4 days targeting on how to become an Unstoppable Female Introvert! Relax within total emotional decompressing (please view sample itinerary above for complete details,) then add in spiritual refueling, recharging, and reconnecting, energetically, mentally and emotionally with live group coaching sessions with Q & A time; learning the power of releasing limiting beliefs by focusing on restoring your soul. Value: $1997

* 4 days of finding Mental Health Triggers. Impactful energetic work (please view sample itinerary above for complete details,) learning effective tools on how to give your ego a promotion. That may sound counter-intuitive but it's a powerful way to rewrite your operating system. Coming to this retreat ready to sort through all the obligations you face, then leaving more emotionally organized to face life challenges. We liken this techinque unto an energetic elimination diet; you set everything out then reorgainze what remains necessary; recharging your physical batteries, giving you strength to tap into your Soul energy more often. Value $1597

* 3 days of reconnecting Female Introverts Mental health through yoga and breath work with Kristen, she is an RYS200 certified instructor. Start each morning with peace and clarity. Learn grounding techniques that you can use on a daily basis. Value: $597

* 3 days of boosting mental health to refuel your light source for handling life's daily chaotic moments efficiently and reconnecting you to gain back your spiritual stamina. Value $395

* Bonus re-entry virutal meet-up 

* Lifetime access to our private Restored-Soul Facebook group that includes discussions, lessons, and recorded live videos to support life after the retreat. Value: Priceless

Total Value over $4,500 BUT YOU pay only $975  

Early bird special $550, ends February 1st, 2021

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