All calls will begin at 9:00 am on the FIRST Saturday of the month.

We will set aside one hour per call, if we go over due to questions or concerns we are happy to make those adjustments.

We fully understand if a person is not able to remain on the call. We all do our best, and that is all anyone can ask of us, yes? YES!!!

We’d love to hear from you, via email. Please share your life experiences with us. They can be good ones, bad ones, confusing ones, pissed-off ones, life lesson ones, or Ah-ha moment ones. Remember, we would always ask your permission first to share (excluding your name of course) on the group call. We all learn from each other and together we’ve got this, what we call a human-life experience!

Year 2022

September : 3rd

October: 1st

VIP: Oct 29th

November: 5th

December: 3rd

Year 2023

January: 7th

February: 4th

March: 4th

April: 1st

VIP: April 29th

May: 6th

June: 3rd

July: 1st

VIP: July 29th

August: 5th

September: 2nd

VIP: Sept. 30th

October: 7th

November: 4th

December: 2nd