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The power of DNA within each of us hold the unique blueprint of who we are, our thought patterns, and the predictor of emotional and mental health. 

Throughout life ~ stressors happen, trauma is experienced, and confusion is absolute. 

Can you imagine the power within us if we can start paying attention and decide to add healing to our stories?  

The stories that are handed down from generation to generation.

Can you imagine the healing power if we paid attention to our epigenetics?

So the question arises to ask what is energetic epigenetics? 

The difference between genetic and epigenetic is a good start to understanding this psychological term?

Epigenetic mechanisms do not involve a change to the DNA sequence, whereas genetic mechanisms involve the primary DNA sequence and changes or mutations to this sequence.

When we change the stories that have been handed down to us.  

We quite literally change our DNA and the sequence of events in our lives.  

The power of these changes affect the future generations to come. 

Join us and tune in for healing tales that will make you re-examine the power you hold within.


Recording DaY & Time:

Sunday |  8:00AM [MST] 


Jody K & Liz A

What You'll Learn

Why Listen to this Podcast:

Life is filled with drama, adventures, relationship challenges, health challenges, and everything in-between.  It is fascinating to listen to other people's drama, isn't it?  Until, one morning you wake up and realize that you are smack dab in your own drama.  Yikes!  

What You'll Learn:

* How not to get caught up in the drama of life OR at least not take it too seriously.  

* How to look at the story you are living through spiritual eyes with purpose.

  • * The power that our emotions, belief systems, and stories play in our lives.

* How to awaken your inner healing detective.

Villainy and Heroism:

We all play roles of the villain, the hero, the helpless handmaiden, savior, and many many more.  Do you know why we choose these roles?  We will let you in on this secret and much more.  Tune in to find out.


* How to empower yourself by shifting your perspective.

* Recognize and experience your innate power to heal your story.

* Experience life with more joy, ease, and I dare say, fun!


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