Benefits of being part of the monthly Alignment group: 1st Saturday of the month @ 9am (mst)

Nourishing your emotional & mental health ~ all year long

Are you ready to learn how to create the life you imagined, healing the wounded inner child? 

Are you ready to eliminate self-doubt, and develop your intuition YOU already have?

Learn how to communicate in your heart space to be fully heard, spirit to spirit? 

If you haven't already committed to be a part of the Monthly Alignment group…

Here Are 7 Great Reasons to Sign UP Now

Each month, you’ll get a delightful mix of:

1. A chance to refocus on core messages that embrace powerful lessons, found in the Course of Miracles; thus, targeting Universal Spiritual truths. You can be empowered, and have an accountability partner in the most supportive way. 

2. Enjoy a monthly Spiritual reading; creating a message that personally speaks to you and what really matters to YOU! Let's experience how powerful your intuition already is, and what needs to happen to gain self-confidence in your abilities. When you are ready, NO MORE HIDING!!!

3. Be rewarded monthly for becoming emotionally stronger. Healing your wounded inner child through thoughtful exercises. The stronger you become, the better the decisions you make. YOU already know what you need to do, isn't it time to join a group who fully accepts and supports you?

4. What we learn, we teach......HOW to communicate in your heart space to be fully heard, spirit to spirit! Powerful! .

5. Updates and stories (think behind-the-scenes kind of stuff!) 

6. Special guests, from time to time, to enhance our learning and sharing. You are not alone! 

7. First access to brand new products, pilot programs, scholarships or appearances

Along with, what books, videos, music and resources we are currently enjoying and thinking about and learn fun activities throughout the year! 

Let’s learn from each other

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