SOUL Abuse; Rejection versus Unwanted

A friend on Facebook shared her story of being abused and a part she shared pierced my heart.  As you all know, I continue to heal, layer upon layer, understanding and removing negative emotions that I’ve taken on dealing with a narcissistic mother through writing my blog posts. Here’s what my friend wrote: “My therapist […]

Happiness Income? What does that have to do with Trauma & Trust?

What does happiness have anything to do with income? Again, I went to my analytical brain and began dissecting the idea that was forming in my mind.    First, let’s get into what we know and how we feel about happiness.   Webster defines Happiness as (noun) – the state of being happy.   We […]

Triggers versus Responses; WHY does understanding the difference make a difference?

I found this photo on  More GREAT information! Every day I learn something new. Everyday, I read something that resonates within me and I become aware of an obstacle that I get to overcome. Today, I read this FB post from a friend and it resonated deeply within me. When I tell you that […]