Choice Relations; Diffusing the battle within

COURSE IS HELD ONCE A YEAR – Contact Jody for Dates

I have developed a signature methodology as a Communication Specialist, to help families who feel unhappy, stuck, angry, or scared to transform their life so they can live with peace, balance, and confidence. But what I am really passionate about is teaching couples positive tools for healing emotional pain through greater love and light.

This is an experiential course directed for strengthening all relationships.

1. Understand & remove the emotional battles that exists.

2. Identify the emotional weapons we use in our relational wars.

3. Identify attacking behavior that keeps defenses alerted.

4. Identify what sabatoges you moving forward.

5. Reassign YOUR Loyal Soldier aka energetic bodyguard; We all have one with our unique fears as it’s operating system. When you speak to another person and don’t feel heard, that is a good sign your loyal soldier is speaking to the other person’s loyal soldier. Isn’t time to see what operating system they work in – either keep it or change it. Only you have the power to do it!

Three week course: two group classes with the third class scheduled as a one on one session with Jody to explore and diffuse patterns of sabatoge your loyal soldier is following.

Classes are held on Thursday evening 6:00 to 7:00pm

If you are looking to understand how to create a sustainable, loving, and peaceful atmosphere in your home. This is the course for YOU!

$997.00 per couple

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