Healing made Easy...


* Basic Emotional Checkup, Alignment & Balance

* Not only is this a healing option for you, it may benefit your entire family

This option is a complete Energetic physical - much like a physical you obtain on a yearly basis. 

When you feel physically, emotionally, or mentally out of balance, it's most likely due to an energetic imbalance.


Purchase a package of FOUR or SIX Healing Matrix Reports, good for one year;

use sessions for you, your spouse, or your child ~ you decide when to use them & for who recieves them.

Jody focus' on your energetic alignment, creating a greater feeling of balance in your daily life.

If a person doesn't give their 'permission' to check on them, you will not be charged a 'pass' ~ If a person does give permission but is all aligned, balanced & cleared, that will count as one 'pass.'

"Jody has been a blessing to our family. Often when the intuition moves me, I ask her to check on my family. She has helped my kids and myself numerous times with her gifts. I usually by the package of 6 healing matrix reports because it's so worth it! It's such a hug discount! Also my family is large and  want to make sure I can pass along the benefits of Jody's gifts." ~ B.A.


What Others Are Saying:


“Working with Jody was fabulous. I have been devouring self-help books for years and have been working in the field for almost 2 years. She helped me see things about myself and my past that I wasn’t able to see previously. Through her program I gained a deeper understanding of my past traumas and how they molded me in very good ways. It was a whole new perspective that I needed. Working with her was a true blessing.” ~ A.A.


 “As a Vietnam Vet, I spent fifteen years in therapy which is why I was so scared to  schedule a session with you. I had buried my emotions so deep, I couldn’t imagine  going through  that ugliness again.  I’m so glad I had the courage to call and get a  time scheduled, where were you forty years ago? The peace I feel is amazing. I had the best night’s sleep after our session and the greatest gift I received  is the ability to forgive myself. Thank you for everything!” ~ F.D.

“I enjoy working with Jody every day to learn how to understand the spiritual concepts and side of this life. We were all born with a spirit and in my understanding through these past couple years of learning alongside Jody, our spirits tend to get sick or overcrowded. Being able to heal and  clear the clutter for my spiritual side has added peace and refocused my life. My children have also impacted from this the most. Children tend to get overcrowded and off in so many different ways and from all the different activities they have going on. For me, I notice when my children need checked on and cleared when they are not acting like themselves and are constantly irritated or cranky or sassy. When I mean constantly, I mean every little thing will set them off and I can tell they are not enjoying the irritation. I check and I clear them! Thankfully I have these tools after taking Jody’s sessions and learning for myself how to help my children. The biggest testimony builder for me about this whole process is my daughter, who was four at the time, woke up from a deep sleep crying and covering her ears just asking for everyone to be quiet because they were too loud. There was no one around physically as it was 11pm at night. I could feel that there were spirits around and I tried to ask them to leave myself but I needed extra help and Jody was able to offer that. We ended up asking for an even stronger presence to come protect her from all the noises and no sooner did we ask, my daughter was able to relax and fall back to sleep. I have always known and believed in other spirits walking this earth and this was just a great way to increase that belief and my desire to learn more about what Jody has to teach.” ~ B. M.