{new Blog} I’m not happy, what am I doing wrong?

FIRST, you are not doing anything wrong! I hear the question often, ‘I am supposed to be enjoying life, but what happens when I don’t?’ How many of you felt this way? Seriously, when I go through these times, I feel, no one believes me in the first place, no one really hears me, and […]

{Blog Three} How to Hug a Cactus

My friend told me about a book that saved her relationship with a bristly personality of a spouse. I’ve asked her to send me the information, as it sounds like a great book to read. I’ll definitely pass it along when I get it! I know we all do things that trigger a negative response from […]

{Blog One} Hello World!

What the HELL? I began writing, developing, and creating my “Break FREE” series (my first attempt to be noticed) which included, (a) recorded conference calls; (b) 60 minute Audio/CD; (c ) blog posts back in the day; (d) wrote a book; (e) offered many FREE items to entice others to come take a look.  And what […]