FIRST, you are not doing anything wrong!

I hear the question often, ‘I am supposed to be enjoying life, but what happens when I don’t?’

How many of you felt this way?

Seriously, when I go through these times, I feel, no one believes me in the first place, no one really hears me, and others just walk away. No one wants to hear about unhappiness, they call it drama, or they call it ‘being negative.’ Umm, so why does everyone ask, ‘how ya doing?’  Like they really want to know, right?

Well, I am not afraid to state there are times when I’m NOT HAPPY!

Please don’t label me as being dramatic, or being negative, because I don’t live there all the time. Not feeling happy doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or I’ve sinned or something. I feel it’s important to be aware of those times I’m not happy, and just as important to pay attention to those times I, AM.


I believe most people seek happiness, but in reality, no one pays attention to what that really means for them. I’ve worked with many that are actually afraid of being happy because now, they feel pressure to stay there, or they feel fake, pretending to be happy.

What a mess!
Here’s the thing; life is filled with ebbs and flows! There are times when we are happy, and times when we aren’t. Now the question is, how long do you stay there?

Here’s what I’ve done, I created a book of joy. A book of Love. And a book of what makes me happy.

In my book of joy, I have pictures of me, as grandma, hugging grandkids, and the colors, emerald green and turquoise.

In my book of love, I have pictures of the beach, and my husband and family.

In my book of what makes me happy, I have pictures of hiking, pizza, diet coke, chocolate, and walking my dogs.

All the things that bring me joy, happy, and fills me with love. Look around and feel joy, open your mind for those times your heart is filled with love, and spend time with activities that bring happiness.

Be brave, be aware, and BE YOU!

No matter how you are feeling, don’t be afraid to FEEL!

Own it!

Stop blaming others or situations for creating your feelings, no one holds that much power.

You’ve got this! If you have any questions, send me an email,

In the end, you’ll realize, it’s a good life!



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