What Blocks YOU from Shining Your Light? {part 1}

What blocks you from shining your light for others to see? I reflect on Marianne Williamson’s poem, “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Reading her words and asking this question has generated my spiritual journey more profound than words can describe. I am grateful and blessed to have accepted the call to become aware, no matter where that would lead me.

I ask again, “What blocks YOU from shining your light for others to see?”

I know what blocked me most of the time was my fear to be seen. I was fully aware of the pain of judgment. This judgment nurtured boundaries of distrust and disconnection. You see, if I trusted then I was vulnerable. If I connected then I was vulnerable. Knowing I was blessed with introvert-ism, I was able to adjust my spiritual practices to embrace the gifts of spiritual refueling, recharging, and reconnecting. The most significant judgment I knew I had to face was my own. I judged how I was made (why was I so different?) I judged how I spiritually replenished, I fought through many public embarrassments by ignoring the importance of being recharged. Slowly but surely I have experienced the beautiful gift of what if feels like to be spiritually refueled. Also, I have experienced the beautiful gift of connecting to amazing individuals. This is why, now… today… at this moment … the Restored-Soul Retreat has been created.

Now is the time to shift the vibrations of this planet! Today is the time to learn sustainable tools for spiritual refueling, recharging, and reconnecting! This moment is the moment to begin strengthening your inner light to shine brightly for all those who cross your path, without judgment, without fear!

Here’s a warning: If you hear that little voice in your head saying, ‘but I can’t shine my light because of …. ‘ Whatever you add to the ending of, ‘because of …’ please acknowledge right now, that’s blame. Blame is the author of distrust, disconnection, and is the most destructive tool the adversary uses against an introvert (really for any human being, no matter how they recharge!) If, ‘because of … ‘ is another person, blaming and pointing fingers at another human being is a sign for you to ask, ‘what does that other person represent to you?’ because, what they represent is a message to you of what resides within that’s ready to heal. NOW, you’ve become aware of what holds you back from shining your light as brightly as you can!

I am confident you hold deep within your soul the desire to be the best YOU, the best Mom, the best friend, the best spouse, the best ….., whatever you choose you can be, and now I ask more questions? How does that look? What stands in your way? Here’s a hint on the answer …. starts with the letter ‘L’ and is a word in the title.

We live in a time where, go-go-go is a sign of success, importance, and dedication for being your best self. I promise you, as a spiritual being first, having a physical experience, the focus of DO-ing is getting things done, but focusing on BE-ing is becoming your best!

Did you know, Faith nurtures the law of giving and receiving?

Now, during the Covid19 shutdown, your family has the opportunity to learn new behaviors on better ways to interact with each other showing greater compassion and kindness. However, I’m confident, you’ll notice more triggers coming up, deeper frustrations and dislikes flourishing, which is the opposite of love. You find yourself disconnecting to deal with all of it. You find yourself seeking new ways to stay occupied and distracted. It’s becoming clear your old coping skills to get through the day isn’t quite working, is it?

Now’s the time to take inventory of different ways that work – taking time EACH day to spiritually refuel. Does that look like reading scriptures? Does that look like 15 minutes in nature? Does it look like a few minutes of meditation with high-frequency music (852 frequency is my favorite) to ponder how can you best serve yourself and others today? Does it look like ALL of my suggestions? Or none at all? You decide because it’s not a one size fit all! Give your spouse and children time to decide too. Give them opportunities to learn what offers the greatest level of joy in their heart, a few minutes each day. Focusing on inner nurturing and connecting to source, not external activity.

I would plead with you to open your eyes and hearts to realize, as the OLD ways of interacting with each other begin to magnify, take heart and realize why they no longer work during this quarantine! Great words of wisdom, Colette Baron-Reid states, “Love is an exchange of life-force energy between two beings. It grows exponentially when it’s reciprocated. You must give AND receive for love to flourish and abundance to flow between you.”

Remember; You cannot give what you don’t have!

So if you want to give your best, you must be spiritually refueled, recharged and reconnected daily. Kindness, love, gentleness, long-suffering, slow to anger are signs you are spiritually refueled, recharged, and reconnected. NOW IS THE TIME to KNOW who you are and what your soul is seeking!

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Together, we’ve got this! 

Love and Light,

Jody K

The Restored Soul

Have you felt your days are filled with judgment from life? and you’re ready to release that heavy burden?

Those burdens feel like a car stuck in the mud? The more you respond the deeper the ruts of judgement and the heavier the burden feels. 

Have you ever felt that society is like pleasing a mean school teacher? and you’re ready to get back centered to what serves YOU?

Feeling like you’re ready to BURST free of societies prison, if you just had the courage? YES, today, I give you that permission to re-evaluate your priorities without getting into trouble. It’s ok to feel like you are off track because there’s a way to get back centered! 

Have you found yourself seeking to be understood, and when that doesn’t easily happen, you stay quiet? Now you’re not only dealing with frustrations but the feelings of being dismissed are crushing!

These negative feelings are like pushing you off a cliff. Nothing to grab, fear sets in, and defeat sucks! 

Have you attended church on Sunday’s and still felt spiritually hungry? Then you find yourself reverting back to your ‘comfort’ behaviors, even though they really don’t ‘fill’ you up?

You are a spiritual being first, having a physical experience. Feeling spiritually hungry is like eating all the wrong foods. You are striving to satisfy your phsycial hunger when your spirit is starving. It’s time, my friend to eat! 

You feel you have friends but very few ‘get’ you? And it’s exhausting to go out and do small talk just to socialize?

Have you considered that introverts are around for a reason? Intuition and Empathic abilities are not found in small talk …. just saying! 

First, YOU are not alone!

Second, your spiritual sensitivity is sending you a message.

Third, be patient because there is a place coming just for you!

Let me introduce you to The Restored Soul; spiritual refueling, recharging, and reconnecting event.

Keep your eyes open for this rare event that focus’ on you! It’s an experience that leaves you emotionally refueled and fulfilled, recharged to take on the world, family, or relationships, and finally a place to reconnect to source. When these three things are complete, your SOUL is strengthened, fed, and able to take on the easiest to most difficult tasks in life.

Sign up now to get on the waiting list. There will small groups ONLY!

Spots will fill up quickly! Be the first to hear updates for location, dates, and pricing on this inspiring event.

If you’re empathic, intuitive, or spirituall ‘sensitive’ in other forms, this is the event for you!

The Restored Soul IS the place that offers you space to ‘just be.’ It’s refreshing to finally attend an event that serves your highest good with as little or as much interaction that speaks to you. A no judgment space and a space that totally ‘gets’ you is now coming soon!

Peace Amongst the Storm; the gift within chaos and conflict

Are you facing some form of emotional, spiritual, or relational crisis in your life? Today, let’s shed some light onto what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Why am I asking these questions?

Because during my morning meditation, I drew the Chaos and Conflict Oracle card. The question I asked was, “What does my tribe need to know NOW for their highest good?” This doesn’t surprise me because most of you are finding your intuitive gifts. And, tapping into your intuition and rediscovering it after hiding this gift most of your lives.

The deck I love is called ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ by Colette Baron-Reid. I will use her language to maintain the oracles pure message throughout this post. Her messages will be within quotation marks (“..”)

The cards essential meaning is “shedding light on being at cross-purposes with another; the tension of opposites; the value of chaos before order.”

This conflict is between your Ego and Spirit. Your Ego is pissed that you now feel it important to listen to Spirit. This naturally happens anytime you choose to strengthen your light. Remember, the Ego’s soul purpose is to keep you from Spirit! So finding your light, finding your voice, and tapping into your intuition (Spirit communication), gives the Ego reason to rise up in a temper tantrum ~ thus feeling the chaos in your physical world. Visually seeing conflict after conflict emerge.

RIGHT NOW … let’s share with the Ego that you are not abandoning it! Your Ego has served you well, up to this point. Say out loud and visualize speaking to your Ego, “Thank you for all you’ve done for me, but now it’s time to expand your responsibilities by changing up your operating system. I promise, you’re not going away!

It becomes as simple as that!

TODAY I give you permission to tap into your intuition.

I remember the moment I was given permission from my mentor and those feelings of freedom was scary but comforting.

Let’s expand on the Oracle’s message. “Opposing forces come together to create a turbulent atmosphere. But consider the value of chaos that serves you well, as you become unmoored by it. Scattered to the winds, you leave behind the parts of yourself you no longer need and disperse seeds to reinvent yourself anew…Yet every storm passes, and chaos leads to a reordering of things. Conflict provides a way to see more than one side of a situation. “

In relationships, “stubbornness keeps you in a state of opposition. The incessant need to be right will only serve to prolong the conflict that deep down you want to be resolved…This is an opportune moment to understand what’s really important to you. Some things are nonnegotiable. If that’s true, it’s not necessary to fight!”

In prosperity, “Be assured that there is Divine purpose in this chaos. Everything that doesn’t work is being taken from you so the truest parts of yourself remain.”

You are not crazy! You are not losing your mind! You no longer need to be afraid to show your true self! I promise you, you are not alone! Together, we learn how to strengthen our intuitive light, understanding spirit communications, and serve in our highest capacity within our spirit self. Always practicing what it takes to come back to center!

What a beautiful journey you are on! The picture I choose to use speaks volumes on how to protect yourself from negative energy that may seem relentless to stop your powerful energy! This is the true storm you are facing! I promise you are much stronger than the storm.

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