Have you felt your days are filled with judgment from life? and you’re ready to release that heavy burden?

Those burdens feel like a car stuck in the mud? The more you respond the deeper the ruts of judgement and the heavier the burden feels. 

Have you ever felt that society is like pleasing a mean school teacher? and you’re ready to get back centered to what serves YOU?

Feeling like you’re ready to BURST free of societies prison, if you just had the courage? YES, today, I give you that permission to re-evaluate your priorities without getting into trouble. It’s ok to feel like you are off track because there’s a way to get back centered! 

Have you found yourself seeking to be understood, and when that doesn’t easily happen, you stay quiet? Now you’re not only dealing with frustrations but the feelings of being dismissed are crushing!

These negative feelings are like pushing you off a cliff. Nothing to grab, fear sets in, and defeat sucks! 

Have you attended church on Sunday’s and still felt spiritually hungry? Then you find yourself reverting back to your ‘comfort’ behaviors, even though they really don’t ‘fill’ you up?

You are a spiritual being first, having a physical experience. Feeling spiritually hungry is like eating all the wrong foods. You are striving to satisfy your phsycial hunger when your spirit is starving. It’s time, my friend to eat! 

You feel you have friends but very few ‘get’ you? And it’s exhausting to go out and do small talk just to socialize?

Have you considered that introverts are around for a reason? Intuition and Empathic abilities are not found in small talk …. just saying! 

First, YOU are not alone!

Second, your spiritual sensitivity is sending you a message.

Third, be patient because there is a place coming just for you!

Let me introduce you to The Restored Soul; spiritual refueling, recharging, and reconnecting event.

Keep your eyes open for this rare event that focus’ on you! It’s an experience that leaves you emotionally refueled and fulfilled, recharged to take on the world, family, or relationships, and finally a place to reconnect to source. When these three things are complete, your SOUL is strengthened, fed, and able to take on the easiest to most difficult tasks in life.

Sign up now to get on the waiting list. There will small groups ONLY!

Spots will fill up quickly! Be the first to hear updates for location, dates, and pricing on this inspiring event.

If you’re empathic, intuitive, or spirituall ‘sensitive’ in other forms, this is the event for you!

The Restored Soul IS the place that offers you space to ‘just be.’ It’s refreshing to finally attend an event that serves your highest good with as little or as much interaction that speaks to you. A no judgment space and a space that totally ‘gets’ you is now coming soon!

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