{New Blog} The Language of Manifesting

What you think about, you bring about!   This has been a saying I heard many years ago from my dear friend, Pam.   What does it mean? Today I’ll give you a couple of my most difficult situations I practiced first hand on.   I was exercising one beautiful spring morning on my treadmill. […]

{Blog Two} What seek ye?

I seek money! I am not ashamed to say it, in fact, I know that is a big part of my WHY. Yep, it’s out there to the world. I don’t feel guilty or ashamed. What is your WHY? What do you WANT? Are you going to say it outloud, YOU WANT MONEY! Money seems to […]

{Blog One} Hello World!

What the HELL? I began writing, developing, and creating my “Break FREE” series (my first attempt to be noticed) which included, (a) recorded conference calls; (b) 60 minute Audio/CD; (c ) blog posts back in the day; (d) wrote a book; (e) offered many FREE items to entice others to come take a look.  And what […]