{New Blog} The Language of Manifesting

What you think about, you bring about!
This has been a saying I heard many years ago from my dear friend, Pam.
What does it mean? Today I’ll give you a couple of my most difficult situations I practiced first hand on.
I was exercising one beautiful spring morning on my treadmill. My daughter was visiting and she was just finishing breakfast when a knock was heard at my door. She went to open it and a man asked if I was home. She tried to tell him I was not available but he was insistent. My daughter finally came and got me and I went to the door. Nice man, a man I knew from a previous job that I had left over three years ago. I had no reason to be alarmed, as he came to ask me a couple of questions on a file I had worked on years ago. I agreed to go to lunch and tell him what I remembered. I quickly learned, the lunch was an attack. Apparently, the mortgage companies involved with this file were not playing nice and they wanted me to be responsible. What the hell? No way, was I going to take the fall for something I was not involved in.  I was the planned pawn in their blame game.
I won’t go into the horifying details but I will tell you the highlights to get my point across.
Well, because I said no to being their pawn, I was served papers. These papers stated, I was to go down to the jail and be booked on my own free will, IF I choose not to do that, I would be arrested. Right there, something is really wrong, right! My husband is freaking out but I felt calm. I knew I had not done anything wrong so what could possibly happen?
Because of this event, I was forced to get an attorney. I met with this attorney only 4 times, going over the details of what I was being accused me of. Attorney’s are intimidating! As I regained my voice and confidence, I began recognizing how many parts of the file had conveniently dissappeared. Which after a week, I shared my concern with my attorney. He told me he had a plan and to meet again next week. I’ll admit, I was getting a bit panicky. My attorney told me upfront that IF I was found guilty I could spend upto three years in Federal prison. WHAT THE HELL? WHAT WAS HAPPENING? I seriously did not know what was happening but I knew I felt angry. I was so mad and hurt that I was so easily thrown under the bus of blame. Angry at a company that I believed in! Spouting how much they support their employees, like family, they said. I was dumb enough and naive enough to believe them. I felt so stupid!
When I met with my attorney this next time he said I was going to tell the District Attorney my side, and go through the evidence they had ‘against’ me…… *** ok, I’ll finish up my story with what happened in a minute.
What I think about, I bring about! Yes, this kept going through my head. Fear was a huge factor but I had to tame it during the most scarey time in my life. I had to figure out a way to release the fear!
You see, the more I feared going to prison, my thoughts were consumed with fighting, consumed with being right. So what I thought about would bring more fighting, more fear, more proving I was right and they were wrong. Ugly situation, right?
When bad things happen the language of manifesting is ALLOWING, ACCEPTING, and LOVE. I know it sounds backwards – thus, why I used this photo. But I promise you, the language of manifesting is powerful! Now let’s see the difference on how this language would actually grant me and generate peace for me.
I took my anger and turned it around to being supportive. What I thought about is how can I help them figure this problem out. IF I had to go to prison, then I accepted that it would serve my highest good, in some way. I held onto trusting the Universe to serve my highest good, whatever that meant and wherever that led me. I was still nervous, but I was no longer consumed. I felt more peace.
*** The rest of the story …… I was interviewed by the District Attorney after going through the evidence box. I showed them where the missing pieces were. I had my moment to ask why certain, important documents so conveniently dissappeared. My interview shined a light onto the poor practices of the company, not me. In the end, my attorney stated matter of factly, as you can see, my client has no business being here. Then the kindest moment. The District Attorney, said, “I am so sorry we put you through this, I have no idea why you were even brought in!”
I will tell you, the relief I felt with her words were huge! Can you see how differently the outcome could have gone if I continued being consumed with fear?
What you think about, you bring about! 

{Blog Two} What seek ye?

I seek money! I am not ashamed to say it, in fact, I know that is a big part of my WHY. Yep, it’s out there to the world. I don’t feel guilty or ashamed.

What is your WHY? What do you WANT? Are you going to say it outloud, YOU WANT MONEY! Money seems to be the ticket to freedom, and less stress, or is it? How do you  view money? I know over the years, I’ve done so much work on myself, that at one time, I had to learn how I viewed money. It was time to break through an obvious block.

Well, I did. Here’s how it played out.

I began meditating; I have practiced bringing my awareness to my heart space, so it wasn’t difficult to begin.  Once in that space, I called money to come in. It may sound silly, but in our heart space, this is where you can communicate spirit to spirit. And since, money is simply energy, I knew I could call it in and see how did my spirit viewed money. We view things symbolically, and spirit speaks in symbols. Symbols can be a color, an image, a movie scene, a quote, anything that we connect with, that offers understanding. For me, I am given visualizations, and lots of analogies that I relate to.  If you haven’t done this level of meditation, maybe it’s time you did.  Ok, calm down! I hear you saying, “Isn’t this just a waste of time?” My only answer is, I don’t know, is it?

Ok, back to money, how did it show up for me? It came to me, as a man, tattooed from head to toe. I remember feeling fear, that flight or fight response when something shows up that scares you. I had to take deep breaths and once I remembered I had nothing to fear, I began speaking. I called money into my heart space, and I heard audibly, “You don’t want me to come in.” Yes, I began having a conversation in my heart space, with money. I admitted I was scared, but wanted it to come in. I asked, “Is there something that we could figure out for you to come in and me to accept you?”  I’m happy to say, I got it figured out; my solution was, I knew I needed to become more familiar with money. You see, I was scared to have it, actually I was embarrassed by it.  And, it resembled greater responsibility to me, and who needs more to do? I sure didn’t! That was my turning point, my relationship with money took a positive turn.

Yes, I have money. Yes, I am happy where I am financially BUT I do want more. Just by typing this, I can see a pattern emerging. I struggle with acceptance. Accepting what I have. So my ‘wanting’ more money is heard by the universe, that I ‘lack’ money. And the universe will always give you what you ask for!

What the hell? Yes, it’s a tricky one.

You see, me wanting more money, actually is telling the universe I don’t have enough. Which the thought, I don’t have enough, means I am focusing on the lack of money. So in reality, I’m getting exactly what I’m asking for.

You see, this theory is what’s in the book, Think and Grow Rich, I spent so many months trying to figure out. See quote below…

“Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.” – Napoleon Hill

Just for today, spend some time with money. How do you relate to it? Is it a friend or foe? So in the end, it comes down to YOU! You are the only one reponsible for your own learning, your own bank account, your own success. Stop the blame game and accept responsibility for where you are in life.

It’s ok, I promise once you befriend money, it will hang out with you more often. Money is not your enemy, it turns out, your thoughts are!

In the end, you have the power to manage your thoughts, creating the life you imagine! Let’s get on with it!


Blog Disclosure: I am not going to sugar coat the crap - I'll be swearing, I like my Hells and Damns, and may become overly sarcastic. If you are offended at the raw realness of navigating in this swamp of social media and life, then move on. I'm not going to sensor my posts, so IF I offend you, simply put, you reading my posts is on you! If you want to impose a motive on me, for why I say what I say, feel free because I don't accept them. p.s. I'm not an English major, so do me a favor, don't share all the mistakes I've made! I make mistakes, I live with them so you can too!


{Blog One} Hello World!

What the HELL?

I began writing, developing, and creating my “Break FREE” series (my first attempt to be noticed) which included, (a) recorded conference calls; (b) 60 minute Audio/CD; (c ) blog posts back in the day; (d) wrote a book; (e) offered many FREE items to entice others to come take a look.  And what do you think happened? Yep, nothing! It has taken years to have reached this point of frustration and now feel ready to shout to the world “WAKE THE LOVE UP! on purpose”

Blog Disclosure: I am not going to sugar coat the crap - I'll be swearing, I like my Hells and Damns, and may become overly sarcastic. If you are offended at the raw realness of navigating in this swamp of social media and life, then move on. I'm not going to sensor my posts, so IF I offend you, simply put, you reading my posts is on you! If you want to impose a motive on me, for why I say what I say, feel free because I don't accept them. p.s. I'm not an English major, so do me a favor, don't share all the mistakes I've made! I make mistakes, I live with them so you can too!

I bet you’ve said this more times than you can count, “I have been dissapointed so many times, what makes this blog any different?  Your answer ~ nothing! 

I apologize if that was a bit too harsh. How do I know what you’ve done so far? I get that it sucks to work so hard and have nothing to show for it. At least I can support where you are on your journey. Share in the comments, where you are and what you hope to achieve. Together, we can keep going!


I KNOW I have a message to share. I also KNOW, YOU have a message to share, which is why you follow me.  ADDED to that, I KNOW there is something we have, that hasn’t been seen by the masses …. YET!

I don’t believe I’m alone feeling like my whole life feels like it has revolved around ways to make more money. Making it to the success level, whatever the hell that means.  I’m facing the last third of my life and I’ve been working on being successful since 1994. Yep, that many years ago. Right now, I can say, it doesn’t matter how much money I make. Ok, that’s not the whole truth, but it is truthful because I can only have what I have. I no longer visualize the ‘what ifcome.’

These powerful words, below, are what keeps me moving forward, one step at a time.  Not caring what value I offer to the world, I simply listen, trust, and do! And in time, I can stand with confidence stating, “I’ve done the best I knew how.”

“Do not wait; the time will never be ”just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”~ Napoleon Hill

Just for today, do what fills your heart with Joy! Because with each step you take, you are exactly where you are meant to be.  So, make each step joyful because I promise, gratitude gets you further along than whining.

In the end, you’ll realize, it’s a good life!