What would you say is the key ingredient needed to Restore Trust in yourself?

 Click here for photo credit – it’s also a great article When you see something that speaks to your heart, you spend time pondering it. I’m going to tell you a little story. Why? Because of a quote I read. Thank you #empathrefuge for sharing this on Instagram. I knew the moment I read these words I wasn’t alone. […]

How to bring the Invisible Visible; say what?

First I want to thank SammyJ for her blog. You can find her by clicking here. I also added her link to the photo. My friend, Kristen Holland shared an insight with me that has had me pondering for a few days; “Greatness Lies within all of us ~ sometimes we just need to shift perspective […]

What’s the correlation between addiction, happiness, & healing? part 1

Ok, so this is a scientific type blog post on understanding an easier way for breaking bad habits. What’s the correlation between addiction, happiness, & healing? CHOICE connects all three! So it’s about CHOICE!  Not just how we choose, but why we choose and how that affects our behavior and ultimately our desire to heal.  […]