When your soul is filled, recharged, and refueled you can breathe a little easier, right! Life’s chaos isn’t as overwhelming as it usually is when your soul’s battery is FULL. Your situations haven’t changed, but when your soul is filled, it feels like you can handle whatever comes your way. But then, there are times, when your soul’s battery is low and it’s a struggle to just get out of bed. Here’s why!

Think of your soul as your cell phone. You connect to others daily, much like you talking on your phone. Each time you give of yourself, as a mom, as a daughter, as a friend, as an employee, as a boss, it’s like talking on your cell phone. Over time, your battery needs to get recharged, right? We are quick to plug in our phone but why do we procrastinate recharging our souls? When we forget to recharge our souls, we do show up but show up less than our optimum self. I believe it’s because we don’t know how to recharge effectively, and now those outdated coping skills are no longer working and we feel it.

Here’s what I know, your soul is filled through energetically connecting to spirit. To do that, as an introvert, it takes some time to understand you may require to refuel more often. So for your gift, today; Enjoy this high-level vibrational music

First, put some earphones in and turn the volume up to feel the music, not too loud to hurt your ears but loud enough to feel the musical frequency. Second, spend some time feeling and absorbing the vibration. Third, imagine this music filling up your heart with Divine frequency or fourth, spend time writing, or typing for a few minutes, emptying your mind. Giving you time to do a simple recharge right now. 

At the restored-soul retreat, we share powerful exercises like this so you return home knowing exactly what fills your soul and how to do it.

Most of us don’t understand what it’s like to be an introvert, I’m not even sure introverts fully understand the importance of self-care. We know solitude feels much better than a crowd but why then do we continue to feel depleted? Some attend church every week to be spiritually fed but return home more exhausted than fed. Some introverts believe they do focus on self-care but then can’t understand why it doesn’t last. The important point here about introverts, it’s not how they show up in life it’s how they recharge. As an introvert, I can be in charge of a group, I can teach, or I can speak in public but when my soul requires recharging, I know the importance of saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty or obligated in any way.

When you’re ready to amp-up your self-care in a safe space and feel ready to take life to the next level, I invite you to check out the Restored-Soul retreat! See you when you’re ready…

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