Mo is like a customer service rep for the universe. Think Santa Clause idea, a ‘man’ who hears what you want for Christmas … you get what you wanted IF you’ve been good and you don’t get it IF you’ve been bad.

Have you ever thought, who defines, good? who defines, bad? Is the definition based on religion? On how we were brought up?

We can process these as we did with excellence and perfection. Where do you set the ‘bar’ for good, and where is it set for ‘bad?’

Meet Mo: I go to Mo and ask for a new car, a healed relationship, a happy life, a loving relationship, a new house, better health, more money ….. you name it, whatever we ask for, the order goes to Mo. He submits the order to the universe but then our thoughts cancel it out over and over. The minute we think a thought that takes us out of creation energy, our order is canceled. 

Can you see how and why we don’t get the things we seek? It’s our fault! Because Mo is taking YOUR order and YOU cancel it. Frustrating uh? 

I’m sure most of you are thinking Mo is God. Not quite, Mo is like God but for this writing, Mo is God’s employee. Mo follows and upholds God’s laws, Universal laws, or Spiritual laws, whatever you resonate to call your higher power. Creation energy follows these laws too! 

Now let’s put all these pieces together.

  • Creation energy = Universal law. Everything is creation energy – all the good, bad, positive, negative, light, or dark aspects of this world ~ Please read that again IF you’ve ever felt like you’ve failed (or fell) from perfection or personal expectation.

I’m going to include an experience I had several years ago to explain this, I call it my ‘Four Almond’ story.  I was on a diet and I was to follow a very strict food list and almonds were not on that list. It was a stressful few days, and I found myself wallowing in self-blame because in my mind I failed in following this diet. I deviated from what was ‘right.’ I did something bad. What makes this so silly now, not so much then, but I had followed this diet exactly for several days but this one day I put four almonds in my mouth and the feelings of failure were overwhelming. I attached an interpretation that almonds were bad, they didn’t fit the regulation of the diet. We do this often with religious teachings. I placed a condition on my success and I punished myself with judgment.

My husband asked what was going on and he just didn’t get what the problem was in eating four almonds. Nothing I said made sense to him, he kept telling me to get over it, which was the best thing he could say because it was like slapping me out of my downward spiral, because my spirit was clinging onto that shadow side of perfection and expectation. ALL of this experience was part of creation energy. All the good, bad, positive, negative, light and dark aspects of this is part of creation energy. An important shift in keeping Mo’s attention is to understand embracing all sides and not giving power to those parts that I added unnecessary emotional weight on.  The word Atonement fits here, because AT that ONE moment when I realized the weighted emotions of failure was part of my journey, not the destination.  I was NOT failing. I am NOT a failure. I am a spiritual being living a physical experience.  

  • We all have different ways of interpretation for perfection, excellence, good and bad. We each have a unique filter on how we see, understand, and interpret life – yes, there’s a personality test for these too. 

  • We live in this physical world within a spectrum of meaning. We live in a world of duality. Awareness of this brings an understanding of where we are, where we think we need to be, and what motivates us to get there. We are students in this classroom, I call life. 

To be fair to yourself, progress is much like strength training. You start out with a lighter weight and over time, you've become accostomed to a heavier weight. Your strength has been increasing through action.  

This sounds easy for the upholder but it sounds daunting for a rebel. I believe it all comes down to HOW you frame your desires ... hint, hint, something important to know with Mo's language of Creation energy.  

An upholder frames the desire to meet expectations and the rebel may frame this desire to be strong.  Can you hear the difference? 

I've added this graph to show you how progress is measured. When we seek to become even better today than yesterday we do all the right things for an hour, day, week, or month but doing all the 'right' things is not sustainable. We live in a world of opposition, and that means you can be doing all the right things but then do a lot of wrong things AND still be ok.  

Give yourself time to ponder all this and see how it fits with where you are.  Remember, just BE you! it's enough. 

Sending love and light your way,


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