INner Reflection

 As an introvert, I process emotions differently. In fact, most people see me as ‘tense’ when I feel the need to go within to heal, to process, or to recharge. I guess I have that look of ‘I’ll bite your head off if you talk to me” or “Speak and I’ll hurt you” kinda look. […]

{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Faith

Have you Honored FAITH today? When I┬ámeditate and ask for direction, I ask for specific guidance. I have so many ideas, thoughts, and responsibilities happening all at the same time, that I request guidance specifically for what serves my highest good and the highest good for all, that specific day. I have witnessed miracles in […]

{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} What the Hell just Happened?

What the Hell Just Happened? Does Life feel heavy at times? It does for me. What I mean by that is, there are so many emotions that I consider heavy, we hear them called heavy burdens. And this life is filled with emotions! Some are not as heavy as others but, overtime if many hit […]