Have you Honored FAITH today?

When I meditate and ask for direction, I ask for specific guidance. I have so many ideas, thoughts, and responsibilities happening all at the same time, that I request guidance specifically for what serves my highest good and the highest good for all, that specific day. I have witnessed miracles in my life, awe-inspiring experiences with my family, relationships, business building through creation energy, or simply an understanding to make sense of life’s chaos by following this one practice.

Here’s an example;

After several conversations today trying to sort out a situation I’m facing with my aging Mother, this is what I read, “There are conditions brewing in your life that you have no control over…Even if the storm blows away the structures you think you’ve built your dreams on, all will turn out as it should.”

This hit home! It’s like a visual answer to my pondering. Why? Because I am being taken out of a situation that I have controlled for many years. My first thoughts were I must be failing because I can’t do this anymore. IF I was better at this or that, I’d have the answers. Always, the negative comes up first, but over time, I recognize truth. I call this my come back rate. The negative begins to swirl around in my head, and I know now that I have the power to say, STOP! I can look around and see and feel truth easier each time. Spiritual truth FEELS calm, peaceful, and empowering.

Here’s a weird analogy to share with you what it’s like for me. I put faces to all my responsibilities, business creations, and ideas and when I begin asking for specific guidance, I visualize each one of ‘them’ seeking my attention, yelling, “Pick Me!, Pick Me!” This is the epitome of the chaos and confusion I feel. This is when I stand in confidence and know I have the power to say, STOP! Then all the ‘talking’ quiets down, giving me a chance to look around to what guidance I’m being given. ‘Who’ am I to listen to? ‘Who’ needs my attention today? Which idea, responsibility, business creation, serves my highest good today? What serves the highest good of others? Then ….

I listen

When it’s quiet, I ask Spirit (Heavenly Father for me) for direction.  I state what it is I am seeking to accomplish that day and soon clarity comes. You see, I KNOW Spirit understands the bigger picture. I trust in Spiritual guidance and have learned what that feels like. I am not demanding answers, I’m asking to be shown the answers and guidance. I keep my eyes open during the day and hold the spirit of acceptance, no matter what it is.  Like when I am guided to ‘apply’ for a job that I have no intention to take, I still complete the task because I’m following and trusting there is a reason. Having FAITH and practicing FAITH, is part of my spiritual preparation, step by step, strengthening my Divine Self day by day.

I have experienced many miracles! Spirit shows me, directs me, and answers my heavenly pleas with guidance and direction in kind and sweet ways. I have learned the importance of trusting and following. Trusting in the spirit, which is a non-tangible substance, requires FAITH each day. No matter how many times you have experienced miracles in your life, FAITH is still required for the next one. Maybe you name spirit; God, energy, your Moral Compass, or universal source. Either way, it’s the higher power I have come to understand at a deeper level than ever before. I don’t see it, I feel it! Thus why I titled this post, honoring faith.

Faith is something one puts complete trust or confidence in. Religiously speaking, faith holds a strong belief in God, rather than proof.

Faith is something we hope is true but yet remains unseen.

Honoring your divine spiritual nature means that you hold a clear understanding of who YOU are! Each of you ARE divine beings having a physical experience, becoming emotionally stronger day by day, step by step with an end goal of strengthening your inner light!

Ok, writing is my therapy, and my analogies are like art. Writing assists me in sorting, feeling, and shifting all of them.  I have been dealing with heavy emotional situations lately and I find myself more tired than I ever remember. It’s like I’m dreaming of the ‘good old days.’  The days when I had emotional stamina. Using the analogy above, the ‘good old days’ were like when a group of teenage girls was talking all at once ~ you’ve all seen that, right? I could keep track of all that was said, by everyone. Back then, I could take on anything put in my way. As I look back, I’m sure I could as they were lighter situations. Now, I’m stronger and given heavier challenges.  Now it feels like the teenage girls have grown up and still talking all at once but about life-changing situations, yelling for an immediate solution. Much more difficult to follow. It feels more difficult. It takes me longer to sort through.

This blog picture represents walking through the refiner’s fire. I don’t know if any of you have ever been close to a bonfire, but I have and they are very hot. I had to stand several feet away from the fire because the heat was so intense. In my current situation, I feel I am losing control. I admit, I may be totally delusional in believing I had any control, up to this point.

The more control I feel I give up, the closer to the fire I go. No wonder I am conflicted with resistance. No wonder why any of us become resistant. Getting to close takes us out of our comfort zone for sure. Our comfort zone boundaries are like this fire. Each side is HOT!

Greater faith is required. A saying, I hold dear to my heart says, “where much is given, much is required.” I have always felt these words resonated with my spiritual growth but now I’m gaining clarity of the depth these words hold. I have been given incredible spiritual gifts in which my heart swells with gratitude. All I can say is, “BRING IT ON!”

Honoring faith is honoring my divine self. That inner light, I call spirit that resides within.  I pray more people will come forward and be willing to take the steps towards recognizing the power they hold, the powerful human beings they are!

Are you ready to step up and claim your spirituality?

Create yourself a fabulous day!

Jody K


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