What the Hell Just Happened?

Does Life feel heavy at times?

It does for me.

What I mean by that is, there are so many emotions that I consider heavy, we hear them called heavy burdens. And this life is filled with emotions! Some are not as heavy as others but, overtime if many hit you all at once, and they become overwhelming.

Take Grief. Grief is an emotion that holds many emotions in one; such as heartache, despair, separation, detachment, loss, etc. All rolled up into one descriptive word ~ GRIEF! Difficult to unravel, but possible!

What about Anguish? Anguish was a heavy emotion for me. This word holds many emotions too; such as hurt, isolation, distrust, rejection, etc. I held onto anguish for many years until it literally felt like it was crushing me. This picture depicts how it felt. Any moment I was going to let go! But yet, I was scared to let go. I thought of all the pain I’d cause in the wake of letting go.  Wowzers! I was holding up the world and didn’t even realize it.

The reason these feelings hurt so bad is that they are foreign to our spiritual being.

Does anyone get a sliver? When you do, it hurts! Why does it hurt? Because your body recognizes something foreign in your physical body and begins to react. When we shift our understanding to who we already are, then we recognize these ill-fitted emotions are lies, much like that sliver – our spiritual self is telling us, that something foreign has entered our spirit.

Emotional Fitness ~ what is that? Well, it’s strengthening your mental health; allowing you to better handle the stressors of life, easier! How do we do that? We begin to learn how to shift our understanding of emotions. It’s learning what is true to our spirit or what is a lie that is causing pain.  It’s being emotionally strong. Emotional strength gives you a better chance to handle heavy emotions, like, grief and anguish.  What about self-doubt? or worthlessness? Strengthening our ’emotional self’ gives us greater confidence we’ll survive.

Liken Emotional Fitness to physical fitness. We work out to build muscles to become stronger, right? Even to create greater stamina overtime to get through the day easier. And, doesn’t it feel better to participate in life activities with greater ease? Activities like relationships, parenting, employment, aging, or money management versus debt.

Well, think of Emotional Fitness like that analogy above; life gives us a workout, right? When you find yourself tired, it may be due to emotional distress. Just like a muscle strain, those heavy emotions are the cause of distress. If we don’t give ourselves permission to take a break, we keep straining to stay above insanity.

In Psychology, we hear the word ‘stress.’ Stress over time generates dis-ease. We live and cope as best we can but in the long run, if we learned how to handle these heavy emotions, can you see how high stress could be eliminated? Much like exercising to lower blood pressure. Consistent high-stress levels generate mental illnesses, a couple of them are depression or anxiety.

Emotional Fitness is a field not many pay attention to! Take the label, mental illness. It holds the belief of weakness.  I disagree! Emotional Fitness is a new beginning to shift our paradigm and become better equipped to mentally survive.

You are NOT weak! You are not inadequate! You are an amazing human being that is here on this physical planet to learn. I call earth life, our classroom of life. We are learning how to navigate in a world of opposites, a world of emotions, a world of hardships.

You’ve got this!

Is it time to schedule an energy trail session? Releasing heavy emotions to gain a breath of emotional fresh air. Sessions do not dredge up what caused the emotions, they release them.  Message me with any questions or concerns at admin@jodykhill.com

Go create yourself a fabulous day!




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