Common Blocks that Keep your Light Dimmed. {part 2}

First, if you haven’t read part 1, click here to read. The picture in part 1 shows people walking on a trail, in the dark, and shining their light for others to see. Together, their light was brighter. This picture shows a hunger to see but still held back with fear. What really blocks us […]

BLAME is to Blame!

During this time of social distancing (Covid19, 2020), my thoughts and dreams have gone toward facing my family’s challenges. I guess with all this free time I feel I have, my thoughts go toward creating ways to serve them, to teach supporting lessons, or to simply have the time to process the sadness we’ve gone […]

An Introvert’s Silent Challenge ~ change

 Michael Cupo is a Visual Storyteller, who I’ve befriended on Facebook. He has a beautiful way of writing to explain deeper concepts that offer peace in this life. I felt impressed to create a conversational blog post which is why I’m sharing his post from his Facebook group; A Course in Miracles. I’ll add my […]