First, if you haven’t read part 1, click here to read. The picture in part 1 shows people walking on a trail, in the dark, and shining their light for others to see. Together, their light was brighter. This picture shows a hunger to see but still held back with fear.

What really blocks us from shining our light?

Why are we so fearful to shine?

One of the most common blocks I feel is not knowing what path your light should shine on and misdirection/misinterpretation on how to connect to your light. For example, maybe you’ve been taught like I was through religion, family dynamics, family beliefs, and just personal interpretation, that Satan is out there so be careful you’re told. I don’t know about you but thinking I may get ‘caught’ by satan out there scares me! I don’t want to get caught in his snares, flaxen cords, fight off those evil darts, or even play in his playground. I viewed satan as this evil, unhappy brother of Jesus. All my beliefs were validated through my family dynamics, church members’ interpretations, my interpretation, and my neighbors’ concerns growing up. I was raised to ‘beware’ of the evil lurking. On the flip side, Jesus Christ was good and was the example we were to follow but all that goodness, we interpret, got him Crucified. No wonder we are a bit hesitant to shine our light!

As a young mother, I was committed to teaching my kids to stay FAR AWAY from anything that may appear evil. I was teaching them my beliefs, forcing MY story on them! I’m not saying that is a bad thing, it’s was just a misdirected thing. After one of my courageous daughters said, “no more!” she moved out at 17. This devastated me. Can you picture the anxiety I held? I lost control of keeping her safe. My imagination went wild with fear. I didn’t know if her basic needs were being cared for, let alone who she was with or if she would ever come back. It literally tore my heart to pieces and my view of an eternal family was shattered…. and for her, I am forever grateful she had the courage to do what she did. She actually bound our family together stronger than I ever could. She taught me lessons of truth that I hold sacred within my heart. Because of her, I have been called to shine my light on that path, the eternal path of truth which allows others to find acceptance, healing, and a loving connection to their Divine self! As an introvert, I promise it’s doable! Now, I would never want to go back to repeat it but the end result was a beautiful gift of opening my eyes. Satan is not ‘out’ there. Satan hold ZERO power over me.

Why do I say this?

How can I say this?

We are spiritual beings FIRST, having an earthly experience. Our physical bodies house the duality of energy within. The Cherokee legend speaks of the two wolves fighting, which represents the duality we hold within our physical bodies. One that is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope. The one that wins, is the one you feed.

Discernment is key to knowing the difference between each wolf.

I share this because I wasn’t shining my light on any path, I felt I was just staying afloat and surviving doing what I knew how to do and taught my children by rote memory. I was much like this cover photo, doing what I could to keep my family safe from the danger lurking out there. I was like a blind dog (can you picture it?) teaching my kids how to navigate in a world without light, to stay safe from falling or running into danger. I was about the ‘DO-ing’ to be saved and functioned out of fear. I held a strong belief that light and darkness were outside of me. I waited to be told, giving decision making to Heavenly Father, then choosing from what I was given, I could make a choice. I was so off course! It was only when I became awakened through one of my most difficult challenges to see life in a much more empowering way.

The solution I found was learning HOW to connect to my divine self, nurturing my divine nature and learning through discernment the difference between each wolf; Discerning between which one holds the power and which one doesn’t and which one was the author of light and which one was the author of fear.

What I shifted and have been blessed to share with my children and grandchildren is that their life source, SPIRIT, holds the greatest power of joy, love, peace, confidence, and light. My daughters have learned their families hold peace when their light shines, like a lampost, to light up the path surrounding each child for them to discern where they’re at, what direction they choose, which wolf to feed. When their light, as mom’s dim, contention enters the home. They feel invisible, they feel depleted, they feel overwhelmed, relationships falter, and in all aspects, have less strength to be their best self.

Now how to connect and access that without feeling responsible for the world?

Give this a chance, put some headphones on and listen to this music, set a timer if you only have 15 – 20 minutes, now write. Allow a brain dump to get all the junk, stale thinking out of your mind. Don’t worry about punctuation or spelling, just write! Don’t worry whether it makes sense or not, just write! Feel the vibration of this music. Picture in your mind a beautiful spiritual being, YOU and ask how to reconnect with YOU!

Do this every day – at least listen and feel the musical vibration for a minimum of 5 minutes daily, write when you feel compelled to write, and let me know how you feel in a week.

You’ve got this!

I invite you to check out and attend the Restored-Soul Retreat, fill out an application and together we can move mountains, support each other and shine our lights brighter as a whole!

Holding the space of love and light for you,

Jody K

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