Michael Cupo is a Visual Storyteller, who I’ve befriended on Facebook. He has a beautiful way of writing to explain deeper concepts that offer peace in this life. I felt impressed to create a conversational blog post which is why I’m sharing his post from his Facebook group; A Course in Miracles. I’ll add my thoughts in Italics. Please add your comments below.

Allowing Change: The Introvert’s Silent Challenge

In quietness, all truth is revealed. In the noise of a Conditioned Mind, one remains in a state of that’s the way it is without any room for change… 

  • The conditioned mind (Websters Dictionary: the state of something) from an introvert’s point of view, it’s like the pattern, a label used, the state you originate from, or the psychological blueprint you’ve been given to learn from, within this physical world.

Without quietness (awareness), consciousness has a hard time evolving and the practice that allows it (bringing awareness to our current situation) isn’t done by too many people that I encounter. This isn’t something that’s right or wrong, it is just a fact. If you live life with the tools that were developed in an unconscious state (our coping skills from a young age), those tools will produce a state of unconsciousness (a habit that we’ve acquired and happens without thinking: read habit poem here). It’s a law of nature, apple trees produce apples. In this respect it’s just the way it is, It doesn’t have to be this way, but unless you see how the unconscious tools don’t benefit your life, it will remain as it is.

  • I love his analogy of the law of nature. Apple trees produce apples. With that, the coping skill an introvert created as a young child out of survival, most likely initiates exhaustion overtime, because they’re always maintaining that level of survival; like an engine of resistance running on high idle. So with this law of nature, out of habit, an introvert continues to create exhaustion unless they are willing to bring awareness to their emotional and physical state and shows a desire to learn a healthier way to cope.

Quietness (awareness) is what allows change to take place. If your old beliefs are in place and running the show, how is anything new ever going to replace them? It’s nearly impossible without investigating your behavior so change can occur. We develop Conditioned Mind Patterns that control our lives and we say things like that’s just the way it is and we reinforce the conditionings existence when things like this are stated. This is the true nature of our unconsciousness, accepting things prior to investigating their true nature. As a society, we are more aware, but this doesn’t mean we are any closer to a solution then we were three thousand years ago. It may seem like it because of the knowledge that is available, but knowledge doesn’t equate to consciousness. In quietness (awareness), all truth is revealed. In the noise of a Conditioned Mind, one remains in a state of that’s the way it is without any room for change…

Holding the gift as an introvert doesn’t have to hold limitations. There is a way to release that engine of resistance, and feel normal once again. 

Let’s say NO to burnout!

Let’s say NO to just coping or getting by

Let’s say NO to judgment!

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