{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Faith

Have you Honored FAITH today? When I┬ámeditate and ask for direction, I ask for specific guidance. I have so many ideas, thoughts, and responsibilities happening all at the same time, that I request guidance specifically for what serves my highest good and the highest good for all, that specific day. I have witnessed miracles in […]

{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} What the Hell just Happened?

What the Hell Just Happened? Does Life feel heavy at times? It does for me. What I mean by that is, there are so many emotions that I consider heavy, we hear them called heavy burdens. And this life is filled with emotions! Some are not as heavy as others but, overtime if many hit […]

{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Letting Go or Hanging On?

Letting Go or Hanging On? Letting go of negative behaviors is what we hear often and strive to do, right? In my profession, bringing awareness to negative emotions is the goal, which leads to the ability to let them go. Strengthening our divine light, is then, the ultimate goal. I drew the ‘Time to Go’ […]