{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Who are WE?

Who are WE? I saw this and I thought of all our emotional challenges. Do we ‘suffer’ from feeling inadequate? Do we ‘suffer’ from feeling unworthy? Do we ‘suffer’ because we are stubborn or insecure? All of these challenges are validated through our emotional filters, and those filters are unique for everyone. Do they FEEL […]

{New Blog} The Language of Manifesting

What you think about, you bring about!   This has been a saying I heard many years ago from my dear friend, Pam.   What does it mean? Today I’ll give you a couple of my most difficult situations I practiced first hand on.   I was exercising one beautiful spring morning on my treadmill. […]

{new Blog} I’m not happy, what am I doing wrong?

FIRST, you are not doing anything wrong! I hear the question often, ‘I am supposed to be enjoying life, but what happens when I don’t?’ How many of you felt this way? Seriously, when I go through these times, I feel, no one believes me in the first place, no one really hears me, and […]