Who are WE?

I saw this and I thought of all our emotional challenges. Do we ‘suffer’ from feeling inadequate? Do we ‘suffer’ from feeling unworthy? Do we ‘suffer’ because we are stubborn or insecure?

All of these challenges are validated through our emotional filters, and those filters are unique for everyone.

Do they FEEL real, yes!
Are they REAL, yes, but only for you!

Do they validate you? NO
Do they empower you? NO

These challenges we suffer from are generated as truth when we nourish them by believing them.

To heal is to recognize we can not serve two masters. One master is the master of this physical earth, another is the master of our divine nature.

I am confident, we are spiritual beings FIRST having an earthly experience. We either put faith in our physical experience because it feels tangible, OR we put faith in our divine nature because we really KNOW who we are.

For me, to know who we are outside of any trauma is to KNOW our inherited DNA, that of a beautiful, illuminated, SOUL, filled with divine intelligence, love, joy, kindness, acceptance, and peace.

I see these ‘traumas’ as a gift, given to me so I may learn how to navigate through discernment and the Atonement to come out even better, living at the highest vibration of love and joy for me.

To hang onto these ‘traumas’ is to say, we are physical beings first, hoping to become a spiritual being.

Whichever view you resonate with is part of your path of life. Whichever master you serve, whatever vibration you choose to live within, remains up to you!

No one keeps you there but yourself!

I fully agree others may make it easier for you to feel trapped


make it harder to connect to your spiritual roots.

Either way, please recognize the first step to healing is to ultimately KNOW it’s up to you.

At Jodykhill.com, what I’m really passionate about is awakening and reclaiming optimum emotional health. When you’re ready, give me a call!


I posted this on Facebook on the same day this blog post was published. I felt drawn to post it here for those not on Fb. If you've seen this twice, this is why.

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