I read this post on FB and thought I’d share it. After I did, I deleted it. WHY? Because after thinking about it I knew there was more to the story. I fully embrace the importance of acceptance, which I believe was the main point of this message, BUT I also fully embrace the desire to BEcome even better today than yesterday, (which I write about further down) acquiring an even deeper level of acceptance.

I fully embrace healing, learning, growing, empowerment, betterment, improvement, and love ~ whatever you name it.

ALL of which are things to grow into!

Here’s the post that I read on FB ….

Here’s more to WHY I deleted it. The rest of the story…

I have been under a great deal of stress, and I am grateful I am emotionally strong to have endured the level I faced. The stress had been going on for years and I simply did not have the ability to move past it. I had done energy work on myself. I scheduled to work with others, thinking I was too close to the situation to have clarity. I also spent many hours in meditation to lessen the impact my situation was having on me. They ALL worked! Then I felt my solution must be my weight that was the ‘added’ challenge for me, so I went to Integrated Wellness to go on a diet. Consciously thinking this would eliminate one aspect of my stress. My flight or fight hormone was outrageously high and because of this, my body was sending a message I could no longer ignore. You see, I got to the point I simply didn’t care anymore, let alone find acceptance. But what I learned was I COULDN’T care anymore with the state my body was at (another subject for another blog.)

Divine timing is a real thing and wherever you are at, please know you are in the right place at the right time. Life is a journey and an adventure, not an event. Side note: I’m going to use an analogy here. Just think of weight lifting. Say, you want to get stronger BUT right now you can only lift 5lbs. Diving timing is working with that 5lb weight. It is perfect for where you are at, at this time! BEcoming even better and stronger is when life gives you challenges (heavier weights) to practice with. The important message here is to accept each step you take, trusting that the universe is on your side!

Now back to my story. Integrated Wellness put me on an eating plan, not a diet, to begin healing my body. I continue with energy sessions, not to ‘fix’ but to align my metabolic state to serve my highest good (basically, using my analogy, Integrated Wellness is like my ‘trainer’ to advance in strength.) I KNOW, once I am optimally aligned, all things work with efficiency.

True alignment IS full acceptance and love!

Now, that was what I was looking for. This is the part of the message that was overlooked, which therefore prompted this blog post.

So when I read, does my body need more protein? That is looking from the outside in and holds underlying energy of lack. What am I lacking that will make me whole or better is what the universe is hearing within that question, ‘does my body ‘need’ more protein?’ I get others may feel this is splitting hairs or just semantics, but for me, I am seeking to become even better at loving myself and others today than yesterday. To do that, I must tap into Spirit and be guided with true alignment from the INSIDE out for what is required for me to serve the highest good of others. You see, I can not share what I do not have, so striving to love and be love at a deeper level, for me is the journey of clarity I seek. This alone is critical in my work. So healing and aligning my metabolic state was where I began looking, from the inside out.

We all have situations in our life that cause stress. Stress has become part of our everyday life. How we deal with stress shows up in our physical life. The hidden stresses that we typically don’t see rob us of the joy we seek are disguised as questions filled with judgment, therefore, lack.

People will say they’re overweight, or I’m fat? These statements are filled with judgment, because what weight is YOUR weight? I’d suggest looking at this thought as a message your body is trying to tell you. When people hold excess weight, typically this is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Maybe you are hanging onto outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. Are you always tired? There could be cells that have shut down and your body is working inefficiently. Are you in a constant state of judgment towards yourself or others in other aspects of your life? This is a key stressor that creates a huge imbalance between your cortisol levels and Adrenal function. This is directly correlated with healthy weight management.

As an Emotional Fitness Leader, I fully embrace the truth that emotional health is key in becoming fully aligned ~ the other side of mental illness. The positive side we seek for ourselves, friends and our families. When one has the emotional strength, confidence is eminently the outcome!

Today, let’s ban together and create a fabulous day!

Jody K 

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