{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Living in Hell?

Why? Am I living in Hell? Caution: This blog post is written to share vulnerable moments I had this week. Includes a thought of suicide, recognizing my on going feelings of fight or flight, and challenges with mental illness’ within my family. I promise to share both, the good and bad! Here’s the BAD first: […]

{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Who are WE?

Who are WE? I saw this and I thought of all our emotional challenges. Do we ‘suffer’ from feeling inadequate? Do we ‘suffer’ from feeling unworthy? Do we ‘suffer’ because we are stubborn or insecure? All of these challenges are validated through our emotional filters, and those filters are unique for everyone. Do they FEEL […]

{Blog: Waking Up~ on purpose} Faith

Have you Honored FAITH today? When I┬ámeditate and ask for direction, I ask for specific guidance. I have so many ideas, thoughts, and responsibilities happening all at the same time, that I request guidance specifically for what serves my highest good and the highest good for all, that specific day. I have witnessed miracles in […]