{New blog} “It’s ALL YOUR Fault!” or is it?

How often do you hear, “It’s all your fault!” How often do you FEEL this? Why are we so prone to blame? I believe we are living with the plaque of blame. It is one fiery dart that intentionally hurts another. Blame destroys families, destroys self-esteem, and destroys our emotional strength. How do we protect […]

{New Blog} The Language of Manifesting

What you think about, you bring about!   This has been a saying I heard many years ago from my dear friend, Pam.   What does it mean? Today I’ll give you a couple of my most difficult situations I practiced first hand on.   I was exercising one beautiful spring morning on my treadmill. […]

{New Blog} Are you Spiritually starving? Answer these questions to find out

Discloser upfront: This is a personal, vulnerable post. It may trigger your own deep seeded fears, frustrations, or anger. I’m writing about a subject that triggered me. It ignited my frustrations, and feelings of anger. Please know, you are not alone! Thank you to Mike Wells, who took this powerful photograph in 1980, of a […]