Discloser upfront: This is a personal, vulnerable post. It may trigger your own deep seeded fears, frustrations, or anger. I’m writing about a subject that triggered me. It ignited my frustrations, and feelings of anger. Please know, you are not alone!

Thank you to Mike Wells, who took this powerful photograph in 1980, of a Catholic missionary holding the hand of a starving Ugandan boy.

Why this subject? Why this title?

I was sitting here today, starving! It has been a few hours since I left my house after eating a piece of toast with jam. Usually, this carries me for a while but this morning, not so much. While eating a small, early lunch, I continued to ‘feel’ hungry. I’m still feeling hungry while writing this post.

I just had an amazing conversation with a friend, who is a person I trust and depend on her intuitive counsel. Our subject was on ‘receiving.’ Therefore, why this subject and why this title.

My receiving channels were blocked

I’ll say that again, “MY receiving channels were blocked!

The powerful lesson I learned today is Receiving is Universal life force. When we block ourselves from receiving, we become spiritually hungry. Maybe even starved; depending on how long this has been going on in life.

The picture I shared, pierces my heart! For me, I saw God’s hand holding mine; mine that I envisioned as spiritually starved. I had been blocking the channels of receiving, for a long time. This was a powerful lesson for me, and a powerful acknowledgement for me! The gifts of receiving show up as; love, acceptance, kindness, and community.

Receiving is much like food, if you do not eat, you starve. I have seen anorexia first hand. I have seen eating disorders first hand. And now, I am witnessing spiritual starvation first hand. I’m finally understanding areas of myself that are ready to be healed, and it feels great!

Here’s a few questions to answer ….. Answering these questions may trigger a few uncomfortable feelings, but I promise, you will be ok. Simply answer truthfully.

#1. Are you receiving the LOVE you desire?

#2. Are you receiving the abundance you’ve worked so hard to receive?

#3. Are you allowing others to assist you on your journey?

#4. Do others recognize the value of you?

Now let’s dive deeper into understanding and evaluating where you are ~

#1. Most people will answer yes, but really should be a no. Why do I say this? I hear most people tell me about how they desire romantic love, the falling in love with love idea. Very few people have a relationship that is filled with pure, unconditional love. When in truth, learning healthy communication skills is a powerful way to gain and live at this level of love. BUT blocking this channel of receiving, we fall into the ‘I’m right~ They’re wrong’ attitude, feelings of lost hope come into play, and broken relationships and/or divorce is usually the outcome.  The gift of LOVE happens when we are open to receiving! Is your channel of receiving love blocked?

#2. Working hard is what we have been taught ~ it’s the ‘right’ way to gain success. The Universe is happy to send you plenty, effortlessly, after all you can do. There are people in this world that are equipped to assist you along the way, BUT do we let them? We hold this foolish belief that we have to do everything on our own, which is not true! The gift of grace is beautiful and when we block the gift of receiving abundance, we are like the hamster on the wheel. Going around and around without seeing the results, even with spiritually guided projects. When this channel of receiving is blocked, we feel desperate, we hold tight onto money, it can also come out as a fight/flight feelings of running away! This is a huge spiritual disorder! The gift of acceptance & abundance happens when we are open to receiving! Is your channel of receiving acceptance and/or abundance blocked?

#3.  By allowing others and their gifts to assist you on your journey is beautiful. Maybe you feel you are smarter, faster, or better educated than anyone else, either way, we all hold different gifts. You are not responsible to manage every detail! When you do, feelings of being overwhelmed come into play. No one person has the capability to do everything that is needed or required on their own, even when they are the most capable person!

Did you catch that?

Yes, YOU are capable but not an expert in all things! Nor, does another person have to do something exactly the way you would do it to be correct! When this channel of receiving is blocked, feelings of jealousy, envy, frustration, and separation come up, because we believe ‘they’ had it lucky, or ‘they’ had the money to hire others. Maybe you do or don’t have the money, but now we are talking about blocking many channels of receiving!  The gift of community happens when we are open to receiving! Is your channel of receiving assistance blocked?

#4. Let me share this point another way ~ picture yourself a movie star (put any famous name in here as you) and you drive up to the valet. What kind of treatment do you feel this person receives? The valets recognize their value (fame in this case = value). Success = Value in our world. How do YOU feel, as this imagined person? Do you feel entitled? (meaning, you hear yourself say, ‘that’s right, they better know who I am) Do you feel good with all the attention? Do you feel you ‘made’ it? Again, how do YOU feel? Does anxiety creep up about being noticed? Do you feel like you want to hide because the extra attention feels uncomfortable? Maybe the valet doesn’t recognize you as a famous person, do you feel angry? Do you feel hurt? I bring up this point like this as it creates an easier way to understand how one feels about their value. Truth: YOU are valuable just the way you are! YOU hold God DNA, which restated, YOU are the son or daughter of a King. The Kingdom IS YOURS! YOU are royalty by birth! When you play small, people may not know who you are yet! But when this channel of receiving is open, the Universe shares your voice to those ready to hear. Success and abundance comes naturally and effortlessly. Also, the gift of Kindness appears when we are open to receiving and acknowledging the Divine Value we hold! Is your channel of receiving your divine value blocked?

Opening and allowing Spirit to flow through us brings all the joys, blessings, and knowledge of receiving upon us ~ now we are ready to give to others. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have! Fill YOUR cup, Receive what the Universe offers! When this happens, your life becomes filled with gratitude and appreciation, sharing your beautiful, joyful light with the world to embrace and experience! Is it time for you to schedule a session with me? Is it time to open up these channels of receiving to experience the life you desire and deserve? If yes, the easiest way is to connect with me through my website, www.jodykhill.com. I look forward to meeting you!

Create yourself a beautiful day,


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