What does Love Health mean?

Ask it this way, what is Healthy Love?

I choose this picture because it shows the value of receiving love. In the scriptures we hear about a ‘broken’ heart and contrite spirit. Not that your heart has to break out of tragedy, but for me, it means your heart is given opportunities to open and receive love and light, through the gift of tragedy.

Elder Bruce D. Porter, Of the Seventy, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wrote: “Those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit are willing to do anything and everything that God asks of them.”

I agree but would like to add some clarity to his statement….

The willingness = receiving-ness.

Being humble and teachable; ‘willing’ to receive guidance. Spirit guidance is an amazing gift! And, the Everything that God asks = receiving all that God has, which IS love.

Our heart is the receiving portal for love!

Our heart is the giving portal for love!

The yin and yang of life; Love comes IN and love is shared. What a beautiful plan!

What happens when we shut our hearts down? What happens when we close our hearts to love? I believe, we become emotionally weak. I liken emotional strength to physical strength.

Love then, could be called an emotional muscle

Think about it, isn’t it awesome when you can pick up a heavy object without thought or concern. You feel great! You feel empowered! You feel accomplished! All because, YOU can! Now think of a heavy problem or concern; when you are emotionally strong, you can pick it up, and deal with it.  All because you can!  What a difference emotional strength can be! IF you are ready to amp up the love that is showing up in your life,  answer these questions and write down your answers, then let’s talk about them.

What stops you from receiving love?

What limits you from receiving love?

What blocks you from receiving love?

When you are ready, let’s get together and figure out what emotional filters you created to stop the flow of love. Let’s figure out what is keeping you from experiencing the love you desire. I’m not talking about sexual love, as that is one aspect of it. I’m talking about the fulfilling, emotional love that fills life with joy, peace, and confidence.

Isn’t time you begin living the life you imagine?

Jody K

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