"You can't pour from an empty pitcher." "To fill up your pitcher with the spirit, one must remove self." And there is more because this is a popular subject. I've added a few of the links that wrote around an empty pitcher. They each have their take on it. One is about family dynamics. Another one is about removing self (which my language says, remove the Ego to be filled with the spirit. First off, the ego plays an important part in this physical world so managing it is a much better spiritual teacher than removing it, in my opinion) Another is directed at moms, giving them permission to fill their cup too. However, this blog is specific to how an introvert fills this imaginary emotional, spiritual pitcher.

Imagine the scenario of you holding an empty pitcher, what needs to be done to 'fill it? Exactly, putting something IN to fill it.

We can visualize 'filling' it with spirit, but then why do we still feel empty?

We can visualize filling it with love, but then why do we still feel empty?

We can visualize filling it with service, but then again, we feel empty!

I have used this visualization for years and it's done a good job for me. I 'fill' my empty pitcher with self-love or self-care. You know the basics. If I'm not prepared, I'm not able to serve those around me. I've held onto the saying, 'I can't give what I don't have. " That for me means I can not give love without feeling loved. I can't give to others if I'm empty. So all that self-care is to love myself with what fills me with joy. I can't be there for others if I'm not there for myself. You get the visual, right?

Then it hit me WHY it feels like my pitcher is like a boat with a hole in it, water keeps seeping out and all my energy is looking for that damn hole!

Now we can get into specifically what does all this mean for an introvert?

Think about it! Would an introvert begin yelling for people to come to help find the hole in their boat? I don't think so. Just visualizing me yelling for people to come help me brings all sorts of anxiety. First, a judgment is straight out of the gate as to why there's a hole. Second, the time it would take to explain why I think there's a hole and get them to 'agree' or take me seriously is exhausting! Third, if I was a better person there wouldn't be a hole, to begin with.

Can you see a theme following all my reasons for not yelling for help? I am not comfortable with receiving it! There's a simple but powerful answer.

This world is a world of opposition. It's a world of give and take. Introverts are so good at giving but find receiving difficult. When they receive it feels uncomfortable.

Why is this? 

Because an introvert is so use to the blackhole effect, they've attached receiving with it

If an introvert asks for help, they are bringing attention to themselves. That attention brings up the unspoken judgements; They didn't do something right, or they are critisized for needing help, or whatever ridiculous judgment that comes to the surface, it's still a judgment

An introvert wants to be seen as a kind person which holds the idea of expectations and there comes the obligatory receiving. 

Receiving IS our spiritual refueling! 

Receiving IS our spiritual recharging!

Receiving IS our spiritual reconnecting! 

Without learning how to receive in a way that removes the spotlight, then naturally an introvert shys away from receiving. Period! They remain unfulfilled, empty, exhausted, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or trapped.

If you are ready to learn how and experience the power of receiving, within a safe space, without judgment then get on The Restored-Soul's waiting list.

The Restored-Soul is the event that offers an introvert tools on how to safely fill their imaginary emotional pitchers!  

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