As an Emotional Fitness Leader, everything that shows up as a pattern in our physical realm mirrors patterns we hold in our energetic realm.  With that said, click here to read part 1 if you haven’t already. How we choose and what source of information we choose from (emotional filters created by neuropathways; spiritual blueprints) makes a huge difference within the journey of healing. How you relate, through feelings to your life experiences and the choices that have generated neuropathways will still play out and keep you stuck in an emotional rut if you are not willing to investigate how to create the life you’ve always dreamed of! 

Liken your brain as a pile of dirt and your neuropathways (thoughts and feelings) are like rain. When it rains, the water begins creating grooves or ruts, and overtime those grooves or ruts become automatic of where the water flows. So your thoughts and feelings of what has acquired throughout your lifetime have created automatic patterns that flow effortlessly. 

Remember, you have feelings and feelings validate neuropathways and support spiritual blueprints.

For example, the pattern of serving. You find yourself serving others as a mom, a friend, a daughter, a spouse, a partner … so many roles of service! Maybe it feels good when you take dinner over to a friend who may deserve a break from additional challenges they face because it serves to lessen their emotional load. You serve because you feel you can ‘help’ them, right? These are just a couple of examples that come to mind involving service. As for me, I served others because I felt a strong need I could help them too because maybe I could alleviate the pressures they feel. Now, taking these physical patterns of service, let’s look into how you are affected energetically by them. 

For example, just like serving in the physical realm, energetically we connect to others’ energy to ‘help’ them get through a difficult time. We connect or add our energy to a situation because we feel we can serve them best this way BUT what happens here is the thought pattern that others ‘need’ help compromises your energy. And when your energy is compromised you FEEL it physically. When you add your energy to someone, you may feel it through headaches. When you let others add their energy to yours you may feel it through exhaustion. You may ask if I’m physically uncomfortable wouldn’t I naturally change to avoid painful headaches? The answer is no. Go back to the Motivational Triad; 1. service is a feel-good activity and something you have received from it overtime has occurred (neuropathway) 2. this automatic neuropathway becomes the easiest path to choose, without thought. 3. anything without effort is the easiest path, to conserve brain power, thus the most energetically efficient path. So no, those headaches may be the positive outcome you seek out but without the awareness of the patterns you hold, they’ll continue without ever giving it another thought. 

A critical truth that deserves to be shared here is that no one ‘needs’ help. Shifting this truth becomes part of the rewiring of a neuro pathway, coming back aligned to truth. TRUTH: Every human being on this planet has sufficient energy, some may be dimmer than others or brighter but each person is exactly where they belong that serves their highest good. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but hear me out ….. Each human being is on their journey and when we believe they ‘need’ help, it sends the message that they are not good enough. And I promise you every person IS enough! Their journey may take on a different path than you feel is necessary, again, deciding that your journey is ‘better’ than theirs (can you picture it?’ let me ‘help’ you be better’ thinking) nurtures pride within our hearts. The same goes for that other person who may be struggling, they perceive their journey is ‘less than’ another, again nurturing pride within their hearts. 

The most empowering way to ‘serve’ others is to strengthen your inner light, to shine a bit brighter for those who may be fumbling in the dark. Rewiring your neuro pathways to include truth versus perception. Shining brightly gives off the energy of confidence that they are capable, they are enough, they can do it! Staying with them IN their journey gives them the opportunity of choice because with you they can see a little clearer. 

Now a word of caution; some mistake shining their light as the most important but STRENGTHENING your light is our natural life source. In my opinion, the purpose of this earth life is to learn through discernment what is spiritual truth versus our perceived truth. You see, perceived truth changes overtime but spiritual truth remains constant. If I asked you a question of where you believe the sun sets, what would you say? In the East or the West? I have asked this question to large groups of people and I get split answers then I tell them, they are all wrong. You can feel the emotional triggers pop up and I continue with stating, the sun doesn’t rise, the earth rotates around the earth. 

Please note: It’s not like you must stay with someone to offer them your ‘light’ when they have zero desire to use it but if you do that, please know you are in a space of depletion versus strength!

How can we shift to understanding this psychologically? 

We have our genes; our spiritual DNA that generates kindness, love, acceptance, those core values, and staying aligned to these is what strengthens our inner light. Consciously, staying congruent with your core values is what keeps you aligned. Remember though we still have thoughts to manage and thoughts generate feelings which then dictate behavior. Thoughts are where we hold faith, hope, belief, trust, etc. Thoughts are the indicators of how we’ve interpreted our life experiences. 

For example, If I thought my spouse was enough then that generates feelings of love, kindness, and acceptance. How would you predict my behavior in this relationship? Agreed, spiritually aligned.

If I thought my spouse ‘needed’ my help then that generates feelings of lack, not enough, I must protect or I must ‘help’ them. How would you predict my behavior in this relationship? I agree with misunderstanding and frustration. 

I’ve created a signature methodology specifically for YOU. Take these 3 Principles and see where they fit, give them a try! When you take advantage of these three principles, you can begin your journey of becoming emotionally fit, effortlessly! Download for free here: The 3 Principles of Healing PDF

Sending you love and light! 

Jody K

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