How many times a day do you think or say that? How many times in your life have you heard a child say that? What comes up when you hear “I don’t want to”

“I don’t want to” can be a good thing; such as creating a boundary, setting limits, or being in charge of what you do and don’t do. You don’t have to want to do everything, but on the flip side, you don’t have to NOT want to do anything either … hehe, try saying that last part over and over, you get the idea, right?

“I don’t want to” can also be a limiting thing; such as using it to procrastinate, stay unmotivated, or using it as a big-time excuse. How many times is this used because it’s a softer way of saying, I’m scared?

Don’t you agree the difference is in the motivation behind why you say it?

Once motivation is brought to awareness, you can begin unraveling the behaviors you’ve attached.  Why is this important? Because the motivation of why you do what you do is one of the core concepts to understand when you want to change. Do you desire a better relationship? Do you want to gain greater motivation to become that better ‘self’ you’ve imagine? Do you want to figure out how to feel greater peace, confidence and joy in life but can’t figure out how you’ll find the time? Maybe your situation feels like you’re buried and emotionally dying, the good news is understands how to create significant sustainable changes for what you are looking to find, at the core level! 

Arbinger Institute has observed through years of research, beginning with Freud that keen observers of human behavior have noticed that people often seem to resist letting go of the attitudes and emotions that make them miserable. They avoid the very thing that presumably would help them most to relieve the emotional pain they are suffering. 

This my friend is considered the power that your underlying motivation holds. What causes the resistance to better oneself? What is self-betrayal? How can you stop the pattern of starting then not following through? 

First question to answer, as an introvert, do you use your introvert-ism as an excuse? An excuse to stay back? To stay unnoticed? To stay unseen? To stay hidden? Here’s a great article to read about using introvertism as an excuse.

As Susan Cain says in her TedTalk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world and should be encouraged and celebrated. Check out her TedTalk here. I love how she separates being shy and being an introvert: Shy is more about social judgment, an introvert is how we respond to stimulation, more specifically, social stimulation.

Where are you on the spectrum of an introvert? Where are you when it comes to using that part of you as an excuse in life?

IF you think, say or believe any of these ….

>Knowing you have a story but too scared to tell it

>Feeling compelled to be your best self but not showing up because you have so much on your plate you can’t see how you can add anything more to life

>Feeling scared to put yourself out there because you’re not sure if you can handle taking care of all those people who might follow you

YOU are making excuses to be and stay less than you are! 

You can stay where you’re at, we honor that space. We may not agree with that space but we can still honor that space. How? Because we’ve been there and know there’s an easier way to be an introvert in an extroverted world. Jody and Kristen has  gone through the battle of figuring out how to fit in, and how to create stronger motivation to accomplish their deepest desires. There’s a way for self-care when life feels overwhelming. We know there’s no right time but you’ll know when that time is right!

At Restored-Soul, we share tools for you to be the best YOU in this world, without judgment or expectation. We share tips and ideas on how to show up for yourself and stop making excuses.  We know how to get to the core of what is blocking your motivation. There’s not a one size fits all but there are many tools and ideas to try on and see which one fits. No one said perfect but we did say, being an even better YOU today than yesterday!

Decide today to become your best self. That decision tears down all the expectations of what you think life ‘should’ look like and brings you to create a life that serves your highest self! Let YOU be enough! That means, confidence shining through for others to see YOU, your way, and in your time!

Isn’t it time to stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself? Stop making excuses and staying stuck? Together we can get to the core of what blocks you from doing the very thing you desire most. 

As Susan Cain stated: The world needs you and needs the things you carry.

As Restored-Soul states: Just BE YOU, that’s enough!

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